VAI Warehouse Software Review

Company: VAI
Product: S2K Warehouse Management Software

Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI) is a warehouse management software developer that offers cost effective solutions for the mid-range market. VAI serves companies all over the world in a wide variety of industries, including retail, food service, distribution, manufacturing and more.  VAI is committed to providing customers with fully integrated solutions that will allow companies to grow and improve operational efficiencies.

VAI Key Features
VAI offers feature rich warehouse management software solutions.  Their S2K solution includes retail management, business intelligence, shop floor control, material requirement planning, manufacturing work orders, finite scheduling and more.  Below is a list of the key features.

S2K Warehouse Management Software

  • Sales Analysis/Forecasting – analyze sales activity and predict future activity.
  • Inventory Management  – keep track of incoming and outgoing inventory.
  • Sales Force Automation – streamline phases of the sales process.
  • Customer Relationship Management – increase customer satisfaction.

Standout Features

  • VAI is an IBM Premier Business Partner.
  • VAI has won a number of awards, including Inc. 5000’s America’s Growing Private Companies Award.
  • VAI offers a free demo package so companies can see how they work.
  • VAI is committed to ongoing development and research.

The VAI Warehouse Management software solution is available as a web-based solution or as an on-site solution.

Happy Customers
Smith Drug, Johnson Plastics, Bega-US, Norscot, Sheralven Enterprise Ltd., A.S. Bryden

VAI offers a wide variety of support offerings, including electronic help desk support, software tailoring, monthly VAI classroom training, web-based and on-site training.  Support representatives are always available by phone, email or web chat.

Bottom Line
VAI is dedicated to offering its customers feature rich and flexible warehouse management solutions.  Their committed support team will ensure that deployment is fast and easy and that your company will be improving in no time.  VAI’s software is especially useful for companies that are looking to grow.  Download the free demo on VAI’s website to see if their solutions are right for your business.