Snapfulfil Warehouse Management Review

Company: Snapfulfil

Synergy Logistics is a software company that developed Snapfulfil.  Snapfulfill is a warehouse management system.  Their software is ideal for all types of companies, including small and medium businesses (SMBs) and global organizations.  Their solution is innovative and cost effective.  The user face is simplistic and easy to use.

Snapfulfil Key Features
Snapfulfil is an advanced and comprehensive solution, with many features.  These features include automated replenishment, RD Directed put away, rules based, simple data integration and rapid deployment.  Below is a list of Snapfulfil’s key features.


  • RF Picking – increase accuracy and pick performance
  • Dispatch Management – improve customer service.
  • Automated Goods Receipt – reduce administration and errors with this feature.
  • Audit and Inventory Control – improve accuracy and stock control.

Snapfulfil Standout Features

  • Snapfulfil won the Best Warehouse Management Software of the Year award in 2010, from the Institute of Transport Management.
  • Snapfulfil will increase accuracy to almost 100%.
  • Staff productivity is increased, on average, by up to 40 %.
  • There are no set up costs and deployment is fast and easy.

Snapfulfil is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model.  This means that the solution is delivered in the cloud, so it can be accessed from any computer.  Snapfulfil uses the latest web technologies and real time radio frequency (RF) control.

Happy Customers
Coca Cola, Vodafone, SCA, White Arrow Logistics, Huhtamaki

For self service options, access the Snapfulfil knowledge base on their website.  Otherwise, contact support representatives by phone, web form, mail or live chat.

Bottom Line
Snapfulfil is a feature-rich and technically advanced warehouse management solution.  Increase flexibility, accuracy and overall customer satisfaction with this product.  Snapfulfil is fast to deploy as it is a SaaS solution. View a live demonstration on Snapfulfil’s website to see if their software is right for your business.