RedPrairie WMS Review

Company: RedPrairie
RedPrairie is a leading provider of inventory, transportation and workforce software solutions. RedPrairie is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that will boost productivity and improve ROI.  RedPrairie serves companies in a wide variety of industries, including retail, food services, hospitality, automotive and more.  RedPrairie aims to meet business needs, give companies a competitive advantage and ultimately increase their revenue.

RedPrairie Key Features
RedPrairie offers an innovative warehouse management solution.  This solution has several features, including outbound processing, asset management, voice, e-commerce and more.  Below is a list of the solution’s key features.

RedPrairie Warehouse Management

  • Inventory management – get more control from suppliers to the consumer.
  • Inbound Processing – control inbound shipments and processes.
  • Distributed Order Management – maximize efficiency with order sourcing.
  • Kitting & Assembly – improve manufacturing in the warehouse.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • RedPrairie has many partners to stay technology driven, including LXE and Intermec.
  • RedPrairie offers rewards for referring new customers.  They even have a point system, which can be redeemed for technical services.
  • The user interface is customizable on their solutions.
  • RedPrairie has won many awards, including the Microsoft European Retail Application Developer Award for the Best Store System, in 2007.

RedPrairie’s warehouse management solution runs on a service oriented architecture (SOA) framework.  This makes it possible to have a configurable work flow.

Happy Customers
Neptune Foods, Argent Associates, DSC Logistics, OM HealthCare Logistics, Habitat for Humanity

Customers can view webcasts, videos, industry reports, case studies and though pieces on RedPrairie’s website for more information.  Users can also contact support representatives by requesting a call back, phone, email, mail or fax.

Bottom Line
RedPrairie aims to understand each and every business’ needs and interests.  They provide feature-rich and innovative solutions that will increase your business’ revenue, reduce costs and boost efficiency.  Go to RedPrairie’s website to download the demo to see if their warehouse management solution is right for your company.