QAD Warehousing Software Review

Company: QAD
Product: QAD Warehousing
QAD provides software to manufacturing companies.  QAD is a global company as it has over 5,555 customers in 90 countries.  QAD focuses on supply chain collaboration and offers an innovative warehouse management solution.  QAD serves companies in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, consumer products, high technology, industrial and life sciences.

QAD Key Features
QAD’s solution is a warehouse management module for inventory and warehousing needs.  The solution has a number of features, including RF based picking, wave management, batch picking, put-away, cross docking, transfers and advanced cycle counting activities.

QAD Warehousing

  • Automated Task Management – manage and assign tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Quality Control – control the quality of the inbound and outbound products.
  • Replenishment – refill inventory when needed, efficiently.
  • Picking – choose which supplies to stock inventory with.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • QAD’s warehousing solution claims to reduce labor costs by 20-30%.
  • QAD claims it’s warehouse software improves shipping accuracy, on average, up to 99.9%.
  • QAD specializes in products for manufacturing companies.
  • QAD was named the Top ERP Provider for Customer Experience by Consumer Goods Technology.

QAD’s warehousing solution is in conjunction with QAD Enterprise Applications.  QAD Warehousing provides full support for multiple domains.

Happy Customers
Johnson Controls Inc., Filtration Group, Lion Nathan, PANalytical, Freudenberg-NOK

QAD’s support center has a knowledge base, product documentation, on demand learning, technical resources and more.  Customers can also speak with QAD support representatives through phone or live chat.

Bottom Line
QAD takes the complexity out of the process with their simple warehousing management solution.  The solution will increase flexibility and provide full support for several domains. QAD will also lower inventory levels, improve inventory accuracy, reduce physical inventory and more.