Oracle WMS Review

Company: Oracle
Product: Oracle Warehouse Management

Oracle, the global integrated business software provider, offers warehouse management solutions among its many other products. Oracle serves over 370,000 customers, which includes all of the Fortune 100 companies.  Oracle’s warehouse management solution (WMS) will increase labor productivity and flexibility.  Their solution will also reduce costs, increase accuracy and scale operations.

Oracle Key Features
Oracle’s advanced warehouse management solution has a wide variety of features.  These features will increase inventory accuracy, scale operations quickly, improve warehouse efficiency, reduce handling costs and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of the solution’s key features.

Oracle Warehouse Management

  • Advanced Wave Planning – optimize resources, integrate warehouse activity, and minimize material movements.
  • Cross-Docking – synchronizes warehouse handling with transportation activities.
  • Demand-Drive Replenishment of High-Volume Items – improve labor productivity.
  • Multiple Value Chain Processes – converges processes to increase efficiency.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • Oracle serves all 100 of Fortune 100 companies.
  • Oracle has won many awards, including the Computerworld Horizon Award.
  • Oracle’s warehouse management has increased certain companies, such as Denby’s, picker productivity
  • Oracle has an extensive network of implementation partners.

Oracle’s Warehouse Management solution is pre-integrated with core enterprise processes.  The solution uses standards-based technologies.

Happy Customers
Denby, Metalsa, Agilent Technologies, McData, Grupo Abril, Chang’an Motors, Polpharma

Oracle offers a wide array of support resources, including articles and other help documentation. Oracle offers global, 24×7 support with priority service. Users can contact Oracle support representatives by phone, fax or email. Oracle’s support is award winning, as Oracle won the Best On-Site Support award in 2008 among a number of others.

Bottom Line
Oracle’s Warehouse Management solution is one of the best options around.  Their product has hundreds of advanced and innovative features.  Oracle will help your business improve flexibility and operations as well as provide customers with the lowest total cost of ownership.  Oracle’s many awards and customers speak for themselves, so check out Oracle’s solutions today to see if they can meet your business’ needs.