IntelliTrack Warehouse Management Review

Company: IntelliTrack
Product: IntelliTrack Warehouse Management System

IntelliTrack is a leading provider of inventory management software, that is affordable and easy to use.  IntelliTrack’s solutions help businesses save time and energy, while reducing errors and improving customer service.  Their comprehensive and feature-rich solutions improve efficiency and more.  IntelliTrack claims to be one of the most recognized brands in the data collection industry.  They serve companies in all types of industries, including retail, education, technology and more.

IntelliTrack Key Features
IntelliTrack’s warehouse management system (WMS) is feature rich, with an intuitive user interface.  These features include space management, batched order management, reporting, barcode labeling, serial numbers, kitting and more.  Below is a list of the key features of IntelliTrack’s WMS.

IntelliTrack Warehouse Management System

  • Physical Inventory – keep track and manage inventory efficiently.
  • Replenishment – replenish inventory when needed, automatically.
  • Order Management – manage incoming orders easily.
  • Reporting – view analytics and reports to see how WMS has improved efficiency.

Standout Features

  • IntelliTrack’s WMS is offered in three different versions, ISRP, WMS RF Standard, and WMS RF Professional.
  • IntelliTrack’s WMS support multiple languages.
  • IntelliTrack works with Quickbooks accounting software.
  • Mobile users can access Intellitrack’s software from their phones.

IntelliTrack’s WMS users barcode and RFID technology.  It also uses wireless tracking technology.  IntelliTrack’s WMS integrates with most accounting systems.  IntelliTrack applications run on DOS, Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, Pocket PC and CE .NET.

Happy Customers
Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Johns Hopkins University, Dell Computers, Foot Locker, Continental Airlines

Users can contact support representatives by phone, email, mail, fax and contact form.  Users can also access online tutorials, product documentation, software downloads and more on IntelliTrack’s website.

Bottom Line
IntelliTrack offers a feature rich and cost effective solution.  Their warehouse management system will increase customer satisfaction and reduce errors.  IntelliTrack helps companies collect, track and manage.  Download a demo or request pricing options to see if IntelliTrack’s warehouse management software is right for your company.