Infor Warehouse Management Review

Company: Infor
Product: Infor SCM Warehouse Management
Infor is a business software provider for mid-market  and large enterprise companies.  Infor’s supply chain and warehouse management solution will improve operations with end-to-end fulfillment, from order inception to delivery.  Shipping and inventory accuracy rates will increase.  Also revenue will increase while costs decrease.  Infor serves companies in many industries, including distribution, retail, insurance, industrial, shipbuilding and more.

Infor Key Features
Infor’s warehouse management solution has many features that will reduce costs, increase revenue and maximize efficiency.  These features include task management, labor management, value-added services, task prioritization and more.  Below is a list of the solution’s key features.

Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Management – gain more control and improve inventory visibility and accuracy.
  • Work Management – manage work order and location grouping into batches.
  • Cross-Docking – trans-shipment and process capabilities.
  • Slotting – arrange SKUs within a range of slots to increase demand.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • Infor on average increase labor productivity by 40%.
  • Infor’s WMS even has voice-directed distribution, a very advanced feature.
  • Infor has 70,000 customers, 3,000 product specialists, and support representatives in 20 countries.
  • Infor customers have, on average, seen an increase of 20% in customer retention rates.

The solution is supported by a single server.  It has multilingual capabilities.  The WMS solution can be implemented quickly.

Happy Customers
States Logistics Services, Shaklee Corp., Interface, Inc., Organic Valley, Pitman Company

Support is available 24×7, 265 days a year.  Infor offers global support, professional services and online support. Customers can contact Infor representatives by phone, email, chat or web form.

Bottom Line
Overall, Infor is an innovative company with a great warehouse management solution.  Their solution will allow your business to maintain more control, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase revenue.  The Infor WMS will make up for the cost fast and easily.