Happen Business Warehouse Software Review

Company: Happen Business
Product: Jim2 Business Engine
Website: http://www.happen.biz

Founded in 1999 in Australia, Happen Business provides feature-rich account and business workflow software to industries that are involved in importation, distribution, retailing, manufacturing, and computer sales and services.

Happen Business Key Features

Jim2 Business Engine is the core product of Happen Business and it is a solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Jim2Business Engine features an accounting back-end and a front-end interface to manage the workflow cycle while providing a quality system framework.

Jim2 Business Engine Software

  • Live, FIFO Stock Control: enables live stock profit reporting and filters stock using combinations of products, customers, sales, services, suppliers, etc.
  • Inventory Management: includes a Stock Replenishment feature, quickly creates bin codes, and optimizes picking orders
  • Multicurrency Capability: can support an unlimited amount of foreign currencies and includes exchange rate management
  • Inward Goods Landed Costing: uses an estimate COGS on receipt of stock to report profits and joins separate Expense Orders to a Purchase Order
  • Live Management Information: provides views of drill-down Sales Register and workflow and reports on stock profit, stock reordering and stock valuation

Standout Features

  • Jim2 Business Engine provides a powerful enterprise solution without the large price tag.
  • Jim2 Business Engine is an all-in-one accounting and integrated business process workflow management system.
  • Jim2 Business Engine is built from a business process management perspective and is the only business workflow management software available for SMB companies.


Jim2 Business Engine is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows.

Happy Customers

Calvert Technologies, Seahawk Australia, NAK, The Glass Connection, Little Fish, Leading Edge Emerald


Happen Business provides free lifetime email support to users with subscriptions. Questions or issues sent are usually answered within 1 business day.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable but powerful solution for your small or midsized company, Jim2 Business Engine can deliver the results you need. It leverages the features of an integrated Accounting and ERP system to streamline and optimize your business processes.