CDC WMS Software Review

Company: CDC Software
Product: Extended Warehouse Management
CDC Software, the Customer-Drive Company, is a software provider of customer relationship management, human capital management, warehouse management and other types of software. CDC Software’s goal is to deliver a solution that provides flawless supply chain execution.  CDC’s warehouse management solution (WMS) has many warehouse flows, features and integrated extensions.  Their complete and modern product will maximize efficiency and save money.  CDC serves customers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, government, insurance, transportation and more.

CDC Software Key Features
CDC Software’s warehouse management solution offers a wide range of features.  These features include vendor accuracy checks, reporting, picking, shipping, warehouse mobility, automatic identification of goods and more.  Below is a list of the solution’s key features.

Extended Warehouse Management

  • Labor Management – control work force, forecast, plan and monitor efficiently.
  • Slotting Optimization – we-based slotting increases productivity.
  • Yard Management – schedule, monitor and decrease delays in the yard.
  • Warehouse Automation – assign tasks and instructions in real-time, through voice recognition and wireless applications.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • CDC serves over 8,000 customers in over 50 countries.
  • Among many other awards, CDC was ranked 149 in Software Magazine’s Software 500 in 2010.
  • Their solutions can be delivered in the cloud or even as a hybrid on-premise and cloud version.
  • CDC Software has acquired many software and business firms, including PeoplePoint and Ross Systems.

The solution has strong support for integration to AS/RS systems, such as conveyors and pick robots.  It is scalable and reliable as it comes with a “best-of-breed” architecture.  The WMS uses RFID technology. The solutions are available as on-premise or Software as a service (SaaS) solutions.  A blended hybrid of the two is also available.

Happy Customers
AC Nielsen, CP Kelco, Delphi, Kodak, Fuji Film, Delta Line s.r.l., BP, British Energy

CDC Software offers reliable and prompt global support and technical expertise.  They also offer  an online self-service customer portal, where users can log support incidents.  Their phone or in person support is available in multiple languages.  CDC offers consulting services, education and training.

Bottom Line
CDC Software is a modern and innovative company that offers a feature-rich warehouse management solution.  The solution will improve accuracy, flexibility and control while lowering costs.  CDC is a growing company, as it has many acquisitions and partners, so it always uses the most up to date and modern technology available.