Advanced Distribution Software WMS Review

Company: Advanced Distribution Software (ADS)

Advanced Distribution Software (ADS) is a leading provider of distribution software, as its name implies.  Its supply chain and warehouse management software has been helping  to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, supply chain efficiency and more.  Their flexible solutions are cost effective and feature rich.

Advanced Distribution Software Key Features
ADS’ solution is innovative and feature-rich.  Its features include supply chain planning, Microsoft Dynamics AX integration, automated data capture and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of the solution’s key features.

Advanced Distribution Software

  • Supply Chain Management – simplify supply chain processes and increase efficiency.
  • Customer Management – manage customer interactions to increase satisfaction.
  • Order Management – streamline the ordering process.
  • Order Fulfillment – ensures on time arrivals for increased customer satisfaction.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • ADS is a certified Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner.
  • ADS guarantees that customers will be 100% satisfied with each delivery.
  • ADS specializes in integration distribution solutions.
  • ADS is a global company, as it serves companies and has support representatives in Europe.

ADS’ solutions complement the Microsoft Dynamics core products, including Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Their low-risk solutions are fast and easy to implement.  They do not require much maintenance or training time.

ADS serves businesses in a wide variety of industries, including electrical goods, retail, metals and minerals, motor vehicles, paper, machinery and more.

Users can reach support representatives by web form, requesting a callback, phone, email or mail.  Customers can also access product documentation or free white papers on ADS’ website.

Bottom Line
Advanced Distribution Software’s flexible supply chain solutions are innovative solutions with many features.  Their solution will increase efficiency and customer loyalty in addition to accuracy.  Companies can grow and expand with ADS’ software. Schedule a personalized demonstration or download product information on ADS’ website to see if their solution is right for your company.