3PL Warehouse Manager Review

Company: 3PL Central
Product: 3PL Warehouse Manager
Website: www.3plcentral.com
3PL Central is a third-party logistics provider.  They offer functional and innovative warehouse management solutions, in the cloud.  Their focus is public warehouses and logistics provider.  3PL Central ensures that their solution will help businesses save money, increase warehouse efficiency, and remain focused on the task at hand.  As one of the dominant providers in the WMS industry, 3PL Central is a reliable company.

3PL Central Key Features
3PL Central’s Warehouse Manager is a warehouse management solution with many features.  These features include kitting, assembly, customizable packing slips, order allocation management and more.  Below is a list of the solution’s key features.

3PL Warehouse Manager

  • Order Management – manage data entry and all orders for increased efficiency.
  • Global Inventory Visibility – both customers and employees get a holistic view of items in the inventory.
  • Pick Management – this includes FIFO, bin-priority, etc. for choosing warehouse items.
  • Billing Wizard– solution uses advanced billing functionality, as it is customizable and ensures key costs.

Standout Features & Company Accolades

  • 3PL’s solution is cost-effective, as it costs less than $500 per month per warehouse.
  • They are among the fast growing WMS providers in the industry.
  • 3PL has many partners, including Spring Systems and DiCentral.
  • 3PL’s solution has electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities.

3PL’s solution is delivered as a software as a service (SaaS) solution.  Their on-demand, web-based solution is delivered in the cloud.  It is easy to install and maintain, as little IT overhead is necessary.  It uses barcode scanning technology.

Happy Customers
Logistix Worldwide, Falcon Worldwide Distribution, Logistic Edge, Trident Companies

Contact support representatives by phone, email, mail or web form.  View product information and a video tour on 3PL Central’s website for more information about their software solutions.  3PL also offers in-person support.

Bottom Line
3PL Central is a focused and comprehensive provider of warehouse management solutions.  Their solution has many features and capabilities.  Also, because it delivered as a software as a service, costs and maintenance and decreased.  Download 3PL’s free 30 day trial on their website to see if their WMS is right for your company.