Real-Time Virtualization Optimized with Warehouse Management Software

Westfalia Technologies has announced the launch of Version 2.3 of the Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software. This latest edition is designed to deliver real-time 3D visualization of the warehouse and key statistics tracking of warehouse operations through a Web-based dashboard.

The Westfalia package includes an order picking module, as well as streamlined user rights management interfaces. The solution also supports the integration of third party picking solutions. With this platform in place, users can view the warehouse from any angle and identify and filter SKUs and warehouse zones.

Gaming software was used in the development of this latest release to allow for visualization across the warehouse from any angle. The module is also flexible enough that it can be easily integrated into warehouses that are currently controlled by other warehouse management systems.

The Web-based dashboard system enables clients to plug in the statistics they wish to track and gain access to real-time data. Users can develop and save their own data filters for greater flexibility at all levels and types of users. User groups and rights are also designed to be easier to configure and manage with the Savanna 2.3.

A major beverage producer in Florida recently integrated various warehouse management technologies from Westfalia. With this implementation, the Savanna 2.3 solution seamlessly integrated the SRMs, case and pallet conveyors, pallet check stations, Gantry robots for high speed layer and mixed layer order picking, stretch wrapping, manual order top off and sequencing for truck loading.

The advances delivered by Savanna’s order picking module demonstrate the high speed layer picking and mixed payer picking capabilities of this solution on a variety of equipment options. Savanna can deliver control to order processing to streamline the process, minimize waste and improve productivity.

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