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Sheetz Selects HighJump Warehouse Management System

Convenience store chain, Sheetz, has selected HighJump Software and its warehouse management system to streamline its supply chain operations. The global provider of supply chain management software will enable Sheetz stores to replenish its 370 locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

The search for a new warehouse management system was started by Sheetz as part of the company’s initiative to lower IT costs, as well as reduce business risks that were associated with their previous warehouse management system.

According to Eric Foose, Software Services Manager from Sheetz, the company’s previous system was expensive to maintain and cost-prohibitive to perform system upgrades. A failure to stay current on the most recent versions, however, introduced unnecessary risks for business operations.

The implementation of the HighJump warehouse management system has enabled Sheetz to replicate many of the company’s current best-practice business processes. The convenience store chain has also simplified the upgrade process, which helps to reduce the company’s total cost of ownership of the solution.

The HighJump system will manage Sheetz’ replenishment to all retail locations from the company’s distribution center, including product that must be stored at frozen, refrigerated and ambient temperatures. The warehouse management system will also be used to manage Sheetz’s food production facility.

Darrin Pohar, Director of Operations from Sheetz, shared that the company had a complex set of requirements to support its operation, including retail replenishment and food production.

HighJump presented a detailed proof-of-concept to demonstrate exactly how HighJump could effectively support Sheetz’s operations, easily configured to its needs and without rigid customized coding changes. This demonstration was considered proof positive that HighJump would deliver the warehouse management system value the company needed.


Clydebuilt Solutions Warehouse Management Software Delivers Value for Transport Company

Edwin C Farrall Transport Ltd is a family owned and operated storage and distribution company located in the Northwest. Established in 1956, they were recently approached by the UK’s leading towbar manufacturers, Witter Tow Bars, who were looking to change their outsourced warehousing services.

Having selected Edwin C Farrall Transport Ltd to manage their warehouse operations, one of Witters’ main requirements was to have links created between the warehouse and their sales and order processing system.

The solution, LocateIT, by warehouse management software provider Clydebuilt Solutions Ltd was selected. Witter made this selection of the Clydebuilt solution due to the company’s reputation as a leading warehouse management software provider.

As customers were becoming more demanding and increasingly approaching partners with requests that had to be delivered on now, timetables were tight. Witter Tow Bars knew when they approached Edwin C Farrall Transport Ltd that like many, they had a tight schedule. In this particular case, they were looking to move their stock in within two weeks.

Edwin C Farrall Transport Ltd and Clydebuilt worked together proactively to organize a plan for the implementation, including everything needed from process organization to racking location labels and hardware. Clydebuilt also worked closely with mobile computing manufacturer Belgravium and within 9 days, pallets of serialized product started arriving in the thousands.

Clydebuilt and Belgravium staff worked closely with both Edwin C Farrall Transport Ltd staff and those of Witter Towbars to ensure that in 2 weeks after the initial contact – the system went live. Executives with both Witter Tow Bars and Clydebuilt expressed how quickly everything came together due to the ability of the companies to work well together.

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MAVES Releases Visible Logistics 3PL Warehouse Management System

MAVES International Software, otherwise known as MAVES, has announced the formal release of the Visible Logistics solution, targeted to third party warehouse operators. This latest warehouse management solution is designed to incorporate MAVES integrated warehouse, transportation and financial systems.

The provider of software solution for third party logistics operators sought to deliver a solution that could leverage the latest web offerings to deliver a browser-based user experience based on real-time business intelligence. Every user would have access to this type of information, regardless of their role in the 3PL warehouse.

Owners, managers and customer service representatives can leverage the Visible Logistics solution to gain an eagle’s eye view of the operation in order to rapidly assemble highly focused, real-time information that can then be distributed to clients.

Visible Logistics offers a HighView feature that is designed to replace the organization’s reliance on static reports, which are typically built with outdated information. HighView instead relies on real-time business intelligence. As a result, users at all levels of the operation can use that information to create, manage and share the different HighViews to support their specific role.

Aaron Laird, MAVES’ President, shared in a company release that the distribution of tailored business intelligence up and down the chain of operation is a significant improvement over the standard creation of reports.

Operators already using Visible Logistics for their warehouse management system are reporting significant improvements in their overall efficiency, and in the speed in which they can provide customers with requested information.

MAVES plans to continue to work on advancements for its Visible Logistics warehouse management system to extend benefits out to all users.

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New RedPrairie Warehouse Management Release Enhances Distribution

Productivity solutions provider, RedPrairie Corporation, has announced new productivity enhancements that have been added to its Warehouse Management solution. These enhancements are designed to provide retailers with broader range of functionality for the distribution of incoming inventory to stores.

With the release of the RedPrairie 2010.2 Warehouse Management platform, customers will be able to operate more effectively as they leverage a wider range of configurable rules to apportion expected inventory to current store locations.

Scott Zickert, RedPrairie Product Manager of Distribution Products shared in a statement that the majority of distribution managers have had to deal with software system rules that do not always fit within their environments. This meant that sometimes required inventory disbursements were conducted to store locations that were considered to be less than optimal.

With the new enhancements to the RedPrairie Warehouse Management solution, distribution managers will enjoy a greater degree of flexibility when establishing rules for what merchandise will actually end up at specific stores. Managers can now determine the rules that will ensure each store in the network will receive what they need, when they need it.

Managers can also leverage this new platform to mandate that product is apportioned based on the percent remaining of a particular store’s total ordered quantity. This allows managers to have more control over what is distributed to stores based on need and customer demand.

Zickert also highlighted that with this updated platform, RedPrairie now supports new functionality for users on the floor. Distributions to store grid locations can be determined using RF and voice technology. This new capability helps to improve pick and put-to-store performance, as well as accuracy, to extend the value of the solution.

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Pocket Nurse Selects HighJump Warehouse Management System

Pocket Nurse has selected HighJump Software and its warehouse management system to manage the company’s growing distribution operations. HighJump is a global provider of supply chain management software.

A provider of medical supplies and equipment for healthcare educators, Pocket Nurse implemented the HighJump warehouse management system in its existing facility first to determine its overall capabilities. With the success of this deployment, the company plans to roll out the warehouse management system in its new distribution facility as well.

Pocket Nurse determined it needed a new warehouse management system when its current system was stifling opportunities for growth. Not only was this system difficult to maintain, the old system could not provide accurate cycle counting and physical inventory data. The system also could not keep track of lot numbers, serial numbers or expiration dates.

HighJump offered a low total cost of ownership, which was a driving factor in the selection process for Pocket Nurse. Now, the company can make changes to the system by relying on internal sources and enjoys the accurate packing solution for its complex kitting requirements.

The HighJump system is expected to enable Pocket Nurse to streamline a unique kitting and pack-out process, helping to significantly reduce time and labor costs. Pocket Nurse expects to be able to rely on this new system to drive growth over the next five years as it will help to increase the accuracy of inventory, boost productivity, and provide tracking for serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates.

Anthony Battaglia, president of Pocket Nurse, noted in a statement that the HighJump warehouse management system handles all of the company’s complex requirements and will provide real-time visibility into total operations. This will allow Pocket Nurse to meet the needs of more customers and expand its business.

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GNC Deploys RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management Solutions

RedPrairie Corporation has announced that General Nutrition Centers, or GNC, a retailer of nutritional products, has installed RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Workforce Management system. GNC has also deployed Web Visibility, Scorecard and Event Management solutions in distribution centers in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Andersen, South Carolina.

RedPrairie is a company focused on designing productivity solutions to help keep products moving, employees work more efficiently and reduce transportation costs. The company’s objective is to be the leading provider of productivity solutions that allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to synchronize and optimize the management of workforce, inventory and transportation throughout the supply chain and in retail stores.

RedPrairie is also a leading global WMS provider with the ability to serve all of GNC’s needs. RedPrairie takes the position that internal values guide the decisions made, which means the company constantly improves its products, services and value.

GNC Senior vice president of distribution and transportation, Lee Karayusuf shared in a statement that they were looking to partner with a company that could provide their distribution centers with leading technology that was easy to use and maintain. Karayusuf also stated that all GNC’s warehouses are very fast-paced and all the orders need to be loaded in the system, planned, allocated and ready for pickup in less than 90 minutes.

GNC offers user compensation based on how productive their picking is to meet the pace necessary to get orders out the door each day. The RedPrairie solution was selected to support their productivity and enhance efficiency across multiple channels of business. With RedPrairie’s project team training, GNC users were able to take total and complete control of the system after only three days.

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Warehouse Management Software Provider Accellos Partners with DML Systems

Supply chain execution software solutions provider, Accellos, has announced a partnership with DML Systems Inc. A full-service business solutions provider, DML Systems will deliver distribution-specific solutions for the global market.

Under the terms of this agreement, DML Systems will sell, implement and provide consulting services for the One Warehouse solution from Accellos. This warehouse management software suite was specifically designed for Sage MAS 90/200/500.

Distributors throughout Canada rely on DML Systems to implement more efficient processes and cut operations costs in their back-office processes. According to DML Systems, there is a need among client companies to make improvements throughout their warehouse operations. The partnership with Accellos is positioned as the next logical step in the company’s strategy to deliver value to clients.

Matthew Turner, Accellos vice president of marketing, shared in a statement that the partnership with DML Systems is a great fit for the company as both organizations focus on their strong commitment to customer satisfaction. DML Systems’ expert staff can work well with Accellos warehouse technology and operational experts in their effort to share this expertise with all customers.

DML Systems currently offers support and expert staff located in offices in the Greater Toronto Area in Oakville, Ontario. As a result of this agreement and other key strategic initiatives for growth, the company expects to open more offices throughout Ontario over the next few years.

John Ferguson of DML Systems shared that the company has become increasingly focused on distribution and supply chain technology within its growing Sage solutions. The company partnered with Accellos to create new value for current customers, while also broadening the company’s offerings in the overall distribution market.

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Life Fitness Distribution Centers Deploy Delta Warehouse Management System

Life Fitness, designated a fitness equipment leader in the global marketplace and a wholly owned division of Brunswick Corporation running logistics operations in Germany, Spain, Holland and the UK, has selected warehouse management solutions from Delta Software.

Delta Software has built a strong reputation in the warehouse management solutions industry with its DeltaWMS systems. This system will be used by Life Fitness to integrate its warehousing and logistics operations throughout Europe.

This integration will be driven by the radio frequency (RF) technology in the DeltaWMS system. Life Fitness hopes to be able to gain a unified view of its inventory across all distribution centers in the UK, Germany and Holland.

According to Life Fitness EMEA supply chain director Jim Field, the company’s objective was to manage all businesses across the region as one. With the DeltaWMS solution, all systems will be integrated across four European operation centers and all data will be stored in a central Life Fitness database.

With this integration, Field continued, Life Fitness will be able to manage all inventory across the region, as well as improve control of the supply chain and hone its overall warehouse performance management. In the process, the company will be able to better manage the business as a single European entity. At the same time, Life Fitness found the DeltaWMS solution to be more cost-effective.

The DeltaWMS system will reside in three third party logistics centers for Life Fitness. The warehousing logistics are outsourced to Foulger in the UK, Geodis in Holland and Wincanton in Germany. The system is already up and running in the UK, an implementation that was completed according to schedule and budget.

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ARGO Implements RedPrairie Warehouse Management Solution

RedPrairie has announced  that ARGO International Forwarders has chosen RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management solution to replace the company’s manual stock card and spreadsheet system.

RedPrairie’s Managing director shared in a statement that he is proud to call ARGO a customer, along with thousands of other leading global logistics providers. He congratulated them all on continued success and providing client-focused services.

In the past two years, ARGO, a global cargo forwarding company, has seen tremendous growth and is currently enjoying revenue increases of nearly six times its 2008 results. Although the company is more successful than ever before, they have been looking for a solution to maximize the use of company resources, including manpower, space and material handling equipment. Fortunately for ARGO, RedPrairie’s user-friendly functionality was considered a perfect fit.

RedPrairie is a company focused on delivering solutions designed to help keep products moving, help employees work more efficiently and reduce transportation costs by developing productivity solutions. They company’s objective is to be the leading provider of productivity solutions that allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to synchronize and optimize the management of workforce, inventory and transportation throughout the supply chain and in retail stores.

RedPrairie is also a global WMS provider offering the ability to serve all of ARGO’s needs. RedPrairie officials position the company’s strength in the market as a result of ensuring their values guide the decisions they make. This demands that they constantly improve the products, services and value they deliver for their customers.

ARGO plans to use Warehouse Management for all of its main business processes, such as warehouse operations, freight forwarding and global distribution. The company expects to have the system fully integrated and in operation by the beginning of 2011.

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Real-Time Virtualization Optimized with Warehouse Management Software

Westfalia Technologies has announced the launch of Version 2.3 of the Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software. This latest edition is designed to deliver real-time 3D visualization of the warehouse and key statistics tracking of warehouse operations through a Web-based dashboard.

The Westfalia package includes an order picking module, as well as streamlined user rights management interfaces. The solution also supports the integration of third party picking solutions. With this platform in place, users can view the warehouse from any angle and identify and filter SKUs and warehouse zones.

Gaming software was used in the development of this latest release to allow for visualization across the warehouse from any angle. The module is also flexible enough that it can be easily integrated into warehouses that are currently controlled by other warehouse management systems.

The Web-based dashboard system enables clients to plug in the statistics they wish to track and gain access to real-time data. Users can develop and save their own data filters for greater flexibility at all levels and types of users. User groups and rights are also designed to be easier to configure and manage with the Savanna 2.3.

A major beverage producer in Florida recently integrated various warehouse management technologies from Westfalia. With this implementation, the Savanna 2.3 solution seamlessly integrated the SRMs, case and pallet conveyors, pallet check stations, Gantry robots for high speed layer and mixed layer order picking, stretch wrapping, manual order top off and sequencing for truck loading.

The advances delivered by Savanna’s order picking module demonstrate the high speed layer picking and mixed payer picking capabilities of this solution on a variety of equipment options. Savanna can deliver control to order processing to streamline the process, minimize waste and improve productivity.

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