Oracle’s Warehouse Management Helps The Ottawa Hospital Run Smoothly

While you probably wouldn’t think that a warehouse management system made to help warehouses run smoothly would be much use to anyone outside of the manufacturing industry, hospitals in France and Canada have integrated an Oracle warehouse management solution in hopes of running more efficiently. The software is not used to help track patients but rather to make sure that the hospital is supplied correctly and more efficiently.

The Ottawa Hospital created a Supply Chain Strategic Plan to improve the efficiency of delivering Material Management services to and to create a benchmark cost within the hospital industry. The plan was focused around seven key factors all aimed at lowering supply chain management costs and providing better patient care.

The hospital implemented Oracle’s e-commerce solution to improve receiving materials by enabling full electronic integration and increased collaboration with suppliers.  The Ottawa hospital is in a position to set the standard in efficiency to the other 17 hospitals in the area and if the internal changes are more efficient, they will play a huge role in getting the

The Ottawa Hospital implemented Oracle’s warehouse management software last year knowing that the hospitals needs are different from those of a traditional warehouse.  But like a traditional warehouse, the Ottawa Hospital barcodes and scans the stock it receives and distributes them out of the warehouse. From there, the goods are picked and put on carts that take the goods to storage units. The Ottawa Hospital has approximately 800 storage units containing inventory from the original shipment.

As with a traditional warehouse, the Ottawa Hospital relies on the warehouse management software to keep track of inventory. Because the main goal of implementing the warehouse management system was to make sure that the inventory on the carts is correct, it was critical for the hospital to make sure that the min/max levels of the carts was 100% correct. If the inventory on a cart is below the minimum requirement, the warehouse management software automatically triggers the Ottawa Hospital’s ordering system.

While the Ottawa Hospital is definitely focused on providing the best care to its patients, they are also taking strides to help reduce the spending of the hospital, thanks to keeping a proper inventory of supplies in the warehouse management software.

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