Weldom Selects Manhattan Associates’ Distributed Order Management, Extended Enterprise Management and Warehouse Management Solutions

Adeo Group subsidiary builds integrated supply network with components of Manhattan SCOPEâ?¢

PARIS and ATLANTA (October 29, 2008) –

Global supply chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that the purchasing and procurement arm of Weldom, the home improvement brand, has selected several components of the Manhattan SCOPE(TM) (Supply Chain Optimisation(TM) Planning through Execution) solutions portfolio to support its international distribution infrastructure. The Adeo Group subsidiary has already initiated the project that will result in Manhattan’s Distributed Order Management, Extended Enterprise Management and Warehouse Management solutions being rolled out across Weldom’s entire supply network.

Weldom is deploying Manhattan’s Warehouse Management (WM) solution across its distribution centre (DC) network in France. Initially, the solution will be installed at two national distribution centres (NDCs) at Breuil le Sec and Bruyères, both near Paris. The first (53,000 square metres) is managed by Weldom, while the second (30,000 square metres) is run in conjunction with global logistics services provider (LSP) ID Logistics. The solution will subsequently be rolled out to six regional distribution centres (RDCs) located throughout France.

Once all eight DCs are live with WM, Weldom will implement Manhattan’s Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution to provide its supply chain management team with a global view of inventory across its DC network to improve order sourcing, aggregation and prioritisation. In parallel to the WM roll-out, Weldom is also implementing Manhattan’s collaborative commerce solution, Extended Enterprise Management, and expects to gain operational connectivity improvements with its suppliers across Europe and Asia.

With 300 stores averaging a floor space of 1,800 square metres and each serving the particular needs of a local customer base, Weldom needed a functionally advanced and versatile supply chain technology platform. More specifically, the company needed a range of integrated and easy-to-maintain solutions that would provide the necessary level of visibility it required across its distribution network to allow it to effectively control the overall performance of its supply chain. “We needed a new systems capability that would enable us to achieve a complete and clear view of our supply chain, allowing us to optimise the flow of goods through our distribution network, from our suppliers, through our DC network, and to our stores,” underlines Franck Deboise, logistics director at Weldom. “We selected Manhattan on the strength of its footprint and depth of its solutions’ functionality,” continued Franck Deboise.

The fully integrated supply chain solutions platform will be further enhanced by complementary technology in the warehouse, in the form of voice-recognition technology from Vocollect that will provide further opportunities to enhance the overall efficiency of the company’s DC operations.

“Dealing with complexity is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s supply chain practitioners,” said Henri Seroux, managing director of Manhattan Associates. “Aided by our solutions — some of the world’s most advanced supply chain technologies — companies like Weldom can reduce such complexity. By harnessing the power of the solutions to improve connectivity with their suppliers, they and their trading partners can gain an operational advantage and better compete as a unified supply chain. We’re naturally delighted that a number of Manhattan’s solutions have been selected to help Weldom achieve its goals and we look forward to working with all of the companies that make up Weldom’s supply chain ecosystem.”
About Weldom

Weldom is a leading home improvement brand with a network of 300 stores throughout France and the French Caribbean. It is part of Adeo Group, which, through its different business units, services customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world with solutions for the improvement of their homes and surrounding environment. For more information, please visit www.weldom.com.
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Manhattan Associates® continues to deliver on its 17-year heritage of providing global supply chain excellence to more than 1,200 customers worldwide that consider supply chain optimization core to their strategic market leadership. The company’s supply chain innovations include: Manhattan SCOPE(TM), a portfolio of software solutions and technology that leverages a Supply Chain Process Platform to help organizations optimise their supply chains from planning through execution; Manhattan ILS(TM), a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft® .NET technology; and Manhattan Carrier(TM), a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. For more information, please visit www.manh.com.

Source: Manhattan Associates