Tally Weijl Shapes Europe and Middle East Growth Plan with Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Solutions

Leading Women’s Fashion Brand Achieves Immediate Productivity Improvements in Picking (20%) and Store Order Preparation (35%) Activities

PARIS and ATLANTA (May 09, 2007) –

Leading supply chain solutions provider, Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH), today announced that Tally Weijl, one of Europe and the Middle East’s leading women’s clothing fashion retailers, has successfully completed its deployment of Manhattan Associates’ Integrated Logistics Solutions(TM). Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management solution for Open Systems and its Business Intelligence application Performance Management have been supporting Tally Weijl’s two European distribution centres (DCs) in Lörrach (Germany) and Zofingen (Switzerland) for just over one year now. Additionally, Tally Weijl has just completed a successful implementation of Manhattan Associates’ Trading Partner Management solution. The fact that all three solutions are pre-integrated has made the task of interfacing them with Tally Weijl’s host systems a relatively straightforward exercise.

Tally Weijl, a Swiss company founded in 1984 by the fashion designer of the same name, designs and distributes its collections through more than 350 stores located in 24 countries across Europe and the Middle East. A 2,500m² DC in Zofingen (Switzerland) supplies 80 stores and sales outlets in Switzerland whilst a significantly larger 25,000m² facility in Lörrach (Germany) serves the rest of Europe and the Middle-East. In total, the two DCs handle more than 18 million items every year.

In 2004, Tally Weijl took the decision to replace its incumbent warehouse management solution as it lacked the capacity to support the growth the company was experiencing and anticipating. Following a review of several solution vendors’ products, Tally Weijl chose Manhattan Associates, primarily because it offered a number of powerful pre-integrated supply chain solution components. Also, Manhattan Associates’ solutions competently and reliably handle the most complex of supply chains, and the company’s consultants had an unparalleled level of experience and expertise in the fashion industry.

Live since February 2006, and integrated to Tally Weil’s Columbus ERP system, the Warehouse Management for Open Systems and Performance Management solutions have successfully lived up to Tally Weijl’s expectations and have helped the retailer achieve several specific operational objectives. First, the company wanted to improve the efficiency of its picking operation by reducing and optimising the physical moves made by warehouse operatives, particularly in the Lörrach DC. Thanks to Manhattan Associates’ solutions’ advanced functionality, Tally Weijl improved its picking operation productivity by 20%.

Tally Weijl also wanted to put in place a new “put-to-store” process. Whilst close to 50% of goods arriving in its warehouses were already pre-allocated to stores, the received cases were, prior to the installation of Manhattan Associates’ solutions, being put into stock areas in a conventional put-away routine and then later picked for the preparation of store orders. With Warehouse Management for Open Systems, Tally Weijl has been able to put in place a new put-to-store system. This allows the retailer to direct items, as soon as they are received in the warehouse, to specific put-away areas dedicated to each store. As a consequence, the put-to-stock and replenishment stages were eliminated for those goods arriving in the warehouse with pre-assigned store destinations, resulting in a 35% productivity improvement for this particular order-processing sequence.

“It’s a little over one year since Manhattan Associates’ solutions went live and the results we have already achieved speak for themselves,” explains Alexis Bischoff, supply chain director at Tally Weijl. “The new systems have allowed us to meet our twin objectives of streamlining and optimising our distribution operations, and the benefits we have realised have exceeded our expectations. We’re not complacent however and 2007 is an important year for us as we strive to further optimise our supply chain performance with the deployment of Manhattan Associates’ Trading Partner Management solution.”

Manhattan Associates’ Trading Partner Management solution has just gone live at Tally Weijl, allowing the retailer to exchange data with 80 of its suppliers and providing Tally Weijl with visibility of inventory right back to the supplier.

Henri Seroux, director of Manhattan Associates France, declares, “The results we have helped Tally Weijl achieve so far are extremely encouraging, and we are pleased to be playing such a key role in supporting Tally Weijl’s expansion in Europe and the Middle East. The recent deployment of our Trading Partner Management solution brings an additional dimension to Tally Weijl who will now also benefit from real time visibility of inventory right across the supply chain from the point of supply to the point of sale.”
About Tally Weijl

Founded in 1984 by fashion guru Tally Weijl, the company specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of fashion clothing and accessories for women. The company’s headquarters, including customer service and administrative departments, are located in Basel (Switzerland), whilst the buying and design teams are based in Paris. Tally Weijl’s collections are distributed through more than 350 stores in 24 countries. For more information, visit www.tally-weijl.ch
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