Solution Updates Expand the Power of Manhattan SCOPE(tm)

Innovative solutions and platform applications optimize supply chain performance, tie visibility to the power to act and reveal the complete picture of the financial supply chain

ATLANTA (January 12, 2009) –

Global supply chain optimization provider Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced the next evolution of the Manhattan SCOPE(TM) (Supply Chain Optimization — Planning through Execution) portfolio, which now features the Extended Enterprise Management X-Suite solution, the new Total Cost-to-Serve supply chain platform application as well as the latest release of Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence. The new and updated additions to SCOPE give Manhattan customers a clear view of the power of an optimized supply chain network.

“Our platform applications and X-Suite solutions help companies execute supply chain strategies that optimize results across functions as a whole, rather than taking a traditional ‘siloed’ approach, creating a significant advantage for our customers,” said Eddie Capel, executive vice president, Global Operations, Manhattan Associates. “With these additions, customers will receive real-time insight into supply chain events as they occur, along with key process analytics and detailed cost breakdowns — information that drives faster, more intelligent decision-making on all supply chain issues.”

Extended Enterprise Management, Supply Chain Intelligence and Total Cost-to-Serve are browser-based solutions that deliver key analytics via detailed reports to enable companies to optimize the functions of the entire supply chain network.

* Extended Enterprise Management (EEM): The newest X-Suite solution is designed to connect with trading partners and customers to provide the overarching visibility and event management capabilities required to successfully manage inventory through global supply chains. EEM manages order fulfillment and automates communications with customers with end-to-end visibility, tracking and monitoring of orders, shipments and inventory from sourcing to delivery.
* Manhattan Total Cost-To-Serve (TCS): TCS, a new supply chain platform application, works with Manhattan SCI to provide detailed reports and analysis to give a complete picture of the financial supply chain and enable companies to make better sourcing, routing and fulfillment decisions based on the total cost of serving each customer. Manhattan TCS determines the total landed costs as they happen–how much it costs to get product from the supplier to the warehouse–and adds that to the cost of delivering the product from the warehouse to the customer, providing the total direct and indirect costs of serving customers.
* Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI): The latest release of SCI enables complete, consistent and integrated business intelligence for companies by providing at-a-glance insight into supply chain performance. With SCI’s easy-to-read, customizable reports, companies can monitor the performance of key elements of their supply chain network from one intuitive workbench. The reports contain hundreds of measures, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis dimensions that enable companies to gain insight into trends in the supply chain as they happen and make both short and long-term decisions based on that information.

“Linking supply chain planning, optimization, and execution together in a product where data and workflow are natively integrated between applications is a rare accomplishment. With the exception of some technology companies serving the wholesale distribution industry, none has come close to providing such capability, including ERP vendors of any size.” — Greg Aimi, AMR Research*

With a common process platform and key visibility, predictive technologies, advanced intelligence and adaptive functionality, Manhattan SCOPE leverages the spectrum of people, tasks and events across the supply chain for the most efficient, accurate performance possible. SCOPE’s modular service-oriented architecture facilitates the creation of cross-suite applications to address specific requirements for the goals of each Manhattan customer.
About Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Manhattan Associates® continues to deliver on its 18-year heritage of providing global supply chain excellence to more than 1,200 customers worldwide that consider supply chain optimization core to their strategic market leadership. The company’s supply chain innovations include: Manhattan SCOPE(TM), a portfolio of software solutions and technology that leverages a Supply Chain Process Platform to help organizations optimise their supply chains from planning through execution; Manhattan ILS(TM), a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft® .NET technology; and Manhattan Carrier(TM), a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. For more information, please visit

* June 18, 2008 — “Momentum 08: Manhattan Reaffirms Its Ambitious Roadmap for the Future”, AMR Research.

Source: Manhattan Associates