Snapfulfil Finds its Voice

Snap-On-Demand® Solutions, globally renowned for its award winning WMS (warehouse management system) solution, Snapfulfil, announces it has signed a new partnership agreement with top-VOX UK®, suppliers of Pick by Voice systems to the logistics industry.

N/A (August 01, 2009) – “The partnership with top-VOX will significantly enhance and strengthen the total solution we offer to our clients” explains Mark Darley-Usmar, MD of the Snap-On-Demand® team. “We believe the SaaS business concept will be the pre-eminent delivery model for software solutions. Combining this offering with a world class Voice solution, also available on a subscripton basis, ensures that your choice in selecting Voice as part of your solution is now truly an operational decision and not a financial one.” continues Darley-Usmar.

“top-VOX is committed to making available the benefits of Pick by Voice to all, not just those with specialist needs or the ‘wealthy’ and was delighted to have the opportunity to extend its activities and form this special partnership with the SnapOnDemand team as its SaaS “Voice” partner, ” comments Raymond Batey top-VOX Managing Director. “We feel the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, delivered by Snapfulfil, is highly innovative for the WMS marketplace, especially during these trying economic times”, he added.

This multi-national agreement will be implemented globally with top- VOX providing initial pre-sales support to the SnapOnDemand team and training for Snapfulfil technicians to ensure rapid and successful implementation of the topSPEECH -Lydia solution.

SnapOnDemand Solutions has over thirty years of experience in the development and realization of WMS solutions for clients such as Coca-Cola UK, Vodafone and SCA Hygiene Products. Their reputation for innovation and service has been enhanced with the successful introduction to the market of Snapfulfil WMS. The solution is a new and very different model from those supplied by conventional WMS vendors, as Snapfulfil operates as a SaaS-model. This is delivered on a fixed fee monthly subscription basis, requiring No- Capex, and significantly the solution includes RF (radio frequency) and/or voice as a standard offering.

SnapOnDemand will offer customers voice picking as an inclusive managed option, together with RF scanning, as part of their Snapfulfil solution. The voice product they offer will be driven by the speaker-independent topSPEECH-Lydia® system. topSPEECH-Lydia from top-VOX UK, is a high performance solution for speech controlled picking and data capture. This Pick by Voice system allows pickers to have their hands free as they receive their instructions over a headset. This allows the picker to exclusively concentrate on picking the goods which ensures much higher standards of picking quality by avoiding mistakes and also greatly increases efficiency.

The SnapOnDemand & top-VOX partnership heralds the start of a collaboration which will enable an even greater number of customers to benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by this very competitive and innovative solution. The increase in efficiency provided by topVOX topSPEECH-Lydia, combined with the comprehensive SaaS delivered Snapfulfil WMS from SnapOnDemand, breaks new ground and is an exciting development in the industry.

About top-VOX UK; top-VOX is a specialist in speech-based logistics applications (Pick by Voice) and manufacturer of the VOXter® hardware system for speech recognition. With topSPEECH-Lydia, we have designed a sophisticated speech-controlled picking system which outperforms any common MDE or paper-based system by significantly increasing both efficiency and quality. topSPEECH-Lydia focuses on a client based speech recognition system, thus achieving a considerable cost and ease of use advantage in comparison to proprietary systems.

Source: Snapfulfil