Simplify and Streamline with Software as a Service (SaaS)

N/A (May 01, 2009) – The challenge of improving the Supply Chain within any organisation is often treated with a great deal of trepidation. Fear of Process mapping, Workflow reviews or Statistical Analysis often create a state of inertia within any business and the much easier option is to ‘make do’. This promotes a cycle of inefficient processes, stressful working environments and often leads to deteriorating customer service and low staff morale.

With Software as a Service, not only does the process of improvement not require the substantial capital investment (along with the associated business case and cost justification documents!) and hardware acquisition, but using carefully prepared templates and data gathering spreadsheets the pre-project planning and implementation process is leaner and faster than with traditional bulky on-site implementations.

Additionally with Web-based, Service Oriented Architecture (as found within Snapfulfil) the business processes are simplified and users are given less tasks to complete to achieve the end result and the data is displayed in a simple and user-friendly manner. This improves efficiency and your working environment at the same time.

In conclusion, if you need to lower your costs, improve your efficiency, traceability and the working environment for your staff along with increasing shipment accuracy and driving your business forward then review the software market for Software as a Service applications, your FD will thank you, as well as your customers.

Source: Snapfulfil