NMHS Selects TECSYS’ Warehouse Management in Support of its

MONTREAL (October 15, 2007) – TECSYS Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company announced today that North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS), a diversified regional health care organization, has selected TECSYS’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support its critical mission of providing conveniently accessible, cost-effective health care of the highest quality in the region.

NMHS’ service area covers two states; it includes six hospitals, 32 owned clinics, four nursing homes, a home health agency and 23 school health centers. In 2006, NMHS admitted close to 39,000 patients and over 110,000 cases in the ER. Coordinating care over such a wide area and in so many settings is one of the system’s key challenges.

Prior to selecting TECSYS, NMHS had a small warehouse with a significant number of manual processes that were not in keeping with the organization’s high quality and professional staff. NMHS’ management was looking for logical ways to keep costs in line, such as reducing duplication and inefficiencies and encouraging standardized processes. In pursuit of its continued innovation, NMHS searched, among major WMS suppliers, and selected TECSYS. It also opened a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse facility to deploy TECSYS’ WMS capabilities and manage its critical needs of delivery of such materials as IV fluids, clinical supplies and implants.

“The TECSYS system is a proven product for healthcare. It is a very good fit for our needs and will work hand in-hand with our materials management and clinical systems,” stated Mike Switzer, Corporate Supply Chain Officer from NMHS. “It is easy-to-use and will help us maximize the efficiency and cost savings in delivering quality service for patient care.”

At NMHS the pursuit of quality is what drives the IT strategy; quality makes the cost savings possible. NHMS has set a national standard for healthcare delivery and has done so by the pioneering and highly sophisticated use of information technology. As a result, North Mississippi Medical Center, NMHS’ flagship hospital, has won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; the nation’s highest Presidential honor for organizational performance excellence.

“NMHS’ competence and innovation is beyond just healthcare,” commented Peter Brereton, President and CEO of TECSYS Inc. “They clearly understand how the investment in technology can improve on performance and quality. As importantly, they uniquely understand how it enables them to measure and improve their clinical performance to improve customer satisfaction.”

With TECSYS’ EliteSeries, the underlying NMHS system is a fully redundant, remotely hosted Warehouse Management application. NMHS is getting tier one warehouse management capabilities in sub-seconds, and without the need to attend to application technology — hardware or software. TECSYS’ EliteSeries effectively streamlines business processes that cut across the functional areas of business and consolidates fragmented operations, often replacing multiple legacy systems. As a totally integrated suite, EliteSeries speeds up the flow of business activity across the enterprise, consolidates information, manages inventory, drives dramatic cost savings, and delivers superior customer service.

Source: Tecsys