Manhattan Associates Announces Zero Disappointment Retail(TM)

Cross-channel Retailing for the Anytime, Anywhere Consumer

NEW YORK CITY (January 11, 2009) –

In today’s retail landscape, customers expect a single, consistent brand experience across each channel, whether shopping in a physical store, shopping online, calling the call center or just browsing a catalog. Retailers have a challenge to provide whatever customers are looking for in each channel, including a wide array of selection, convenience and return options. If a customer switches channels, a retailer risks losing the sale, as research shows that 50 percent of channel switchers also switch brands.

Zero Disappointment Retail(TM) from Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) enables retailers to leverage supply chain optimization capabilities to present a unified brand across all channels (traditional brick and mortar stores, Internet, catalog and television). The Zero Disappointment Retail approach preserves current systems and investments by providing technology that seamlessly aggregates inventory, order, pricing, promotion, merchandising and order execution information across all channels.

Zero Disappointment Retail was launched today at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Conference, held in New York City from Jan. 11-13. Ken Muggeridge of The Men’s Wearhouse and Brian Kinsella of Manhattan Associates will present an NRF Big Ideas! Session, “The Men’s Wearhouse Delivers Zero Disappointment Retail Experience” today at 1:45 p.m. in Room 3D05 at the EXPO Hall in the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center.

“With a truly blended-channel environment, sales and support professionals have all the information they need to give customers what they want and consumers have the selection, convenience and retail options they expect,” said Eddie Capel, executive vice president, Global Operations, Manhattan Associates.

As a set of software solutions within the Manhattan SCOPE® (Supply Chain Optimization–Planning through Execution) portfolio, Zero Disappointment Retail offers:

* Blended Channel Optimization — Provides upfront, cross-channel planning, forecasting, inventory optimization, and PO flow management so retailers can proactively anticipate and respond to demand to ensure the right amount of inventory goes across each selling channel.
* Exponential Execution — Leverages an aggregated, cross-channel view of orders and inventory to manage the fulfillment process more efficiently from supplier to customer–and back again–by integrating supply chain execution activities so merchandise gets to the right person at the right time.

To help demonstrate the benefits and value of a Zero Disappointment Retail environment, Manhattan has partnered with Retail Systems Research (RSR)–the only research company run by retailers for the retail industry–to develop the Blended Channel Revenue Modeler, an objective mathematical model, based on retailer experience, that quantifies the real impact of cross-channel capabilities on a retailer’s top and bottom line. For example, based on initial Blended Channel Revenue Modeler calculations with leading retailers, a retailer with $1.5 Billion in revenue across 900 stores could expect to receive up to 5 percent sales and 7 percent gross margin improvement from the cross-channel benefits of Zero Disappointment Retail.

“The Blended Channel Revenue Modeler objectively demonstrates the business impact of cross-channel capabilities to retailers,” said Nikki Baird, managing partner, RSR Research. “Without an idea of the scope of opportunity available to retailers pursuing cross-channel processes, it is hard to overcome investment barriers to making a decision, let alone implementing a project successfully. This model helps bridge that information gap.”

The Blended Channel Revenue Model is outlined in “The Cross-Channel Opportunity,” a new report from RSR that identifies revenue opportunities to drive sales improvements across three process areas: saving the sale, buying online and picking up in-store, and cross-channel inventory management. To use the Blended Channel Revenue Modeler, visit to download the RSR Cross-Channel Business Impact Report, “The Cross-Channel Opportunity” and receive the analysis tool.

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