Ingram Book Group Saves Half a Million in Three Years with Manhattan Associates’ Audit, Payment & Claims Solution

Distributor Eliminates Manual and Paper-based Processes and Transforms Transportation Cost Management

ATLANTA (January 08, 2007) –

Leading supply chain solutions provider, Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH), and Ingram Book Group Inc., one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of book products, report significant benefits from Ingram’s 2003 deployment of Manhattan Associates’ Audit, Payment & Claims solution. Utilizing the solution, Ingram has increased speed and accuracy in its freight auditing and invoice processes and saved $150,000 each year for the last three years. Not counting Ingram’s Proof of Delivery requirement for each shipment, Audit, Payment & Claims manages 90% of the company’s billing exceptions, freeing Ingram’s resources to complete value-add activities in other areas of the company.

Providing book products to retailers and directly to consumers, Ingram distributes to nearly 100 countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific each month. Audit, Payment & Claims automates Ingram’s invoice processing, payment and reconciliation for more than 90,000 transactions each week, including LTL/TL and parcel shipments and inbound, outbound and third party freight.

“Audit, Payment & Claims’ capabilities are a quantum leap from our former processes,” said Shawn R. Everson, vice president, Global Transportation at Ingram. “When we first implemented APC, we operated at zero tolerance. The system kicked out every occurrence in which a bill of lading and a freight bill were not an exact match to the penny. Through APC’s flexibility, we can set tolerances so we spend time managing only true exceptions and have redirected three FTEs (full time employment equivalents) to other tasks. We now have a successful match rate of 70%-75% for LTL and more than 90% for parcel–and these are even higher if we don’t count our Proof of Delivery requirement.”

Audit, Payment & Claims’ integration with other systems allows it to serve as Ingram’s main data bank for all its supply chain transportation costs. Receiving information each night from Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management and Transportation Execution solutions–also deployed at Ingram–and in EDI format from Ingram’s carriers, the solution offers Ingram a single view to detailed information on inbound and outbound shipments, carrier rates and freight costs, allowing Ingram to measure costs and develop tracking metrics that are far superior to its legacy system. It also empowers Ingram’s auditing associates to research problems independently and quickly utilize the Transportation Execution and Audit, Payment & Claims solutions in unison.

“We were able to replace a multi-platform legacy system that was paper intensive with Manhattan Associates’ integrated solutions, which are all on one platform and produce very little paper,” said Everson. “We are a service-oriented company–getting books that are ordered today delivered tomorrow. Manhattan Associates understands our business, and we will utilize its solutions as we continue to improve and expand our services to our customers around the world.”

“Companies like Ingram that successfully deliver goods all over the world know that getting the goods delivered depends on how they are delivered,” said Jeff Mitchell, Manhattan Associates’ executive vice president, Americas. “That sounds obvious, but many companies do not focus on the most strategic element between them and their customers: their supply chain. A smooth-running supply chain with less paper and processes, more productivity and greater communication–such as can be gained with the help of our Audit, Payment & Claims solution–can help deliver increased efficiency and lower operational costs. That means more profit for our customers.”
Ingram Book Group Inc.

Ingram Book Group is a leading wholesaler of trade books, spoken audio, and magazines. Ingram provides immediate access to the largest selection of books and book-related products in the industry. Ingram’s operating units include Ingram Book Company Inc., Ingram Periodicals Inc., Ingram Library Services Inc., Ingram International Inc., Spring Arbor Distributors Inc., Ingram Publisher Services Inc., and Tennessee Book Company LLC.
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