Huhtamäki Moves Forward With Snapfulfil

Following the success of the Snapfulfil SaaS WMS implementations at Huhtamäki’s sites on the English south coast, their sister company in Northern Ireland has also selected Snapfulfil to help them to lower operating costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity across their warehouse operatio

N/A (November 01, 2009) – manufacturers of disposable, moulded fibre carriers. With supply contracts including all of the major supermarkets, customer service and despatch accuracy are key to their continued success. Following a review of the WMS market and detailed analysis of the Snapfulfil solution in place at the sites in Gosport, Huhtamäki Lurgan selected Snapfulfil as their preferred solution.

A combination of savings across the warehouse operation has shown the Snapfulfil SaaS WMS to be more than self funding, but to actually return nearly twice as much money as invested in the overall solution. This instant Return on Investment was realised without any need for capital expenditure, due to the unique commercial model that Snapfulfil offers. These financial savings, combined with the other increases in productivity and accuracy has really proven the Snapfulfil solution to Huhtamäki.

Mark Darley-Usmar, MD at Snapfulfil remarked, “We were delighted to be selected by Hutamäki Lurgan for their warehouse operation. I can’t think of a more sincere compliment to the Snapfulfil team, than choosing our WMS solution for their busy warehouse. It was clear that, recorded savings in year 1 that far exceeded the actual costs to run Snapfulfil, plus the reliability and ease of use demonstrated across the Gosport operation, made an incredibly strong case for choosing Snapfulfil for another division of the organisation.”

With a need for continuous improvement in virtually all businesses and a drive to “always be better”, Huhtamäki have demonstrated that a comprehensive WMS is just the platform for growth that every warehouse needs to succeed.

Source: Snapfulfil