Happen Business Announces Jim2 eBusiness Service

N/A (July 20, 2009) – eBusiness Service is an addition to our Jim2 product range that allows your customers to add and view status of service jobs online through a webpage. Jim2 eBusiness Service also allows your Technicians/Engineers to be able to change update jobs while on the road through a webpage. Technicians can change status (e.g. change status to “Ready to Invoice”, add labour and labour comments online.
Jim2 eBusiness Service Notification Services allows you to send business alerts (emails) when adding or editing a Job using certain rules i.e. If status of a Job changes, email can be sent to your Operations Manager or Service Manager.

Jim2® eBusiness Service simply works within any web browser (E.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer) and seamlessly integrates into your back end system (Jim2 Business Engine).

Source: Happen Business