Ewing Irrigation Soaks Up Savings with Manhattan Associates

Ewing Irrigation Products is one of the largest providers of professional quality landscape and irrigation materials in the United States.

ATLANTA (July 06, 2010) –

Ewing Irrigation Products is one of the largest providers of professional quality landscape and irrigation materials in the United States. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Ewing prides itself on serving as a leading authority on water-conserving products, trends and best practices while providing landscape, irrigation and golf course professionals with the supplies they need to create healthy, sustainable environments. As the company grew into 195 locations and seven distribution centers (DCs) across the country, each totaling around 200,000 square feet, Ewing realized an inventory demand issue completely unique to its industry.

“Fluctuating drought and rainfall conditions have a significant impact on our business- if there’s too much rain there’s no demand, if there’s too little water, then rationing occurs,” said Richard York, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Ewing Irrigation Products.

Ewing implemented Manhattan Associates’ (NASDAQ: MANH) Replenishment and Warehouse Management (WMS) solutions from the Manhattan SCOPEĀ® supply chain portfolio to optimize the inventory in its nationwide DCs against the naturally fluctuating demand of its business. Replenishment, part of the Inventory Optimization solution suite, uses advanced forecasting methods to automatically sense shifts in market demand and adjust inventory levels in the DCs appropriately.

“Before implementing Replenishment and WMS, we were running at full operating capacity all of the time,” said Terry Williams, vice president, Customer Experience, for Ewing Irrigation Products. “Now we’re operating at around 60 percent, which-in addition to freeing up capital-allows us to work on maintenance and other projects as the need arises, while keeping the right amount of inventory on hand to service the demand spikes.”

With the Manhattan SCOPE solutions, Ewing has seen improvement across its supply chain operations. Error rates and overtime labor expenses have been virtually eliminated and the company went from six operational days to five, for a 15 percent reduction in labor hours.

“We feel our company is well positioned to manage any inventory issue that comes our way,” continued York. “Our partnership commitment with Manhattan Associates has made us more successful and gives us an edge our competitors simply don’t have at this point.”

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The Manhattan SCOPE portfolio is developed on a Supply Chain Process Platform that facilitates the communication of cross-suite applications to address specific supply chain requirements for the goals of each Manhattan customer. Manhattan SCOPE solutions are designed to seamlessly optimize day-to-day processes from one common interface, in real time.

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About Ewing Irrigation Products

Ewing is a wholesale distributor offering water management solutions, commercial and residential irrigation supplies, landscape and turf products, erosion control, hardscape, landscape lighting, water features and industrial plastics to professionals serving the landscape, turf, golf and industrial industries. For more information, please visit www.ewing1.com.
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Manhattan Associates continues to deliver on its 20-year heritage of providing global supply chain excellence to more than 1,200 customers worldwide that consider supply chain optimization core to their strategic market leadership. The company’s supply chain innovations include: Manhattan SCOPEĀ® a portfolio of software solutions and technology that leverages a Supply Chain Process Platform to help organisations optimize their supply chains from planning through execution; Manhattan SCALE(TM), a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft. NET technology; and Manhattan Carrier(TM), a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. For more information, please visit www.manh.com.

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