Enhanced End User Experience in Manhattan Associates’ Latest Release can Give Harried Retailers Reason to Smile

Ease of Use, Depth of Functionality on a Single Microsoft Platform can Help Mid-size to Tier 1 Companies Achieve Lower Total Cost of Ownership

ATLANTA (January 16, 2007) –

Leading supply chain solutions provider, Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH), announces the latest release of its Integrated Logistics Solutions, Built on Microsoft .NET. This release enhances key features to which the solution has been committed since its introduction in 2000: ease-of-use and depth of functionality on a single, Microsoft-centric platform. The solution provides companies the opportunity to acquire a deep set of supply chain execution capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.

“Manhattan Associates’ supply chain solutions and deep expertise make it a leader in the retail market and an ideal partner as we empower employees at retail organizations to drive business success,” said Paula Paravecchio, managing director of worldwide retail for Microsoft Corporation. “Manhattan Associates’ Integrated Logistics Solutions, Built on Microsoft .NET offers a familiar look-and-feel and simplicity in its implementation and upgrades, providing a flexible and easy-to-use solution that can help companies of all sizes maximize employee impact and minimize complexity and cost.”

Viewer screen personalization within the solution provides an enhanced experience for the end user. By configuring his or her personal screens, each end user is able, from log-in, to view data and monitor tasks specific to his or her job. Outbound supervisors can configure their PCs to show them each day’s pending shipments or only those shipments that are overdue, complete with conditional formatting of information. With its personalized search and viewer screens, users can more quickly receive information specific to their activities and act on events before they become issues.

Enhanced cross docking and flow through capabilities and optimized put-to-store features support more efficient and accurate retail store distribution. Retailers can move goods straight from receiving to an outbound shipment or to a specific store location in preparation for an outbound shipment. This eliminates the moving of product into the warehouse and putaway into a rack location.

Additional enhancements in the latest version of Integrated Logistics Solutions(TM), Built on Microsoft .NET include optimized yard management, license plate tracking and voice picking and continued expansion of performance management, slotting optimization and labor management capabilities.

“Manhattan Associates is committed to leveraging and investing in long-term solution and technology strategies for the Microsoft .NET platform,” said Eddie Capel, Manhattan Associates’ senior vice president, product management and customer relations. “Integrated Logistics Solutions, Built on Microsoft .NET is specifically designed to help mid-sized to tier 1 companies meet their unique challenges. The solution offers the scope of an enterprise supply chain execution solution, self-installing upgrades and enhanced user experience that help reduce total cost of ownership.”
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Source: Manhattan Associates