Empire CAT Leverages TECSYS to Reduce Expense and

MONTREAL (October 04, 2007) – TECSYS Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company announced today that Empire Southwest, one of the largest CaterpillarĀ® dealers in the southwestern part of the U.S., has deployed TECSYS’ EliteSeries that enabled the Company to reduce expense and inventory write-offs and substantially improve customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1950, Empire ranks among the top CaterpillarĀ® dealers in the world. The Company has more than 1400 employees serving some 4000 customers in Arizona, south-eastern California and part of northern Mexico. Empire moves some $200 million worth of material each year through a variety of transportation companies, and with this volume and complexity of shipments come the challenge of parts and shipment tracking as well as the enormous challenge of keeping customers happy.

“We are totally committed to customer satisfaction,” stated Ron Brown, Six Sigma Black Belt and project manager. “If the customer calls with a problem, we just solve it. If they did not receive the part for some reason, nobody points fingers, we just send another. The customer comes first then we deal with the logistics process issues!”

Prior to deploying TECSYS, Empire had no automated tracking of parts after the shipping label was created, no control over what bin the parts were put in or what truck the bin was loaded on, and there was no proof of delivery at the final destination. “When customers did not receive the part, we had no online inquiry, our people spent hours sometimes days/weeks looking for the part,” stated Brown.

To remedy its expense and inventory issues, the Empire team, lead by Ron Brown, set aggressive goals, these included: reduce expenses and lost parts by as much as 75%, reduce loss of labour productivity and achieve higher level of customer satisfaction. “The Empire team selected TECSYS’ EliteSeries TMS because of two key reasons,” stated Brown, “TECSYS’ experience and expertise in the CAT Dealer industry — they understood the way we do things — and they were the only vendor that interfaced to DBS (Dealer Business System).”

Today, customer requests for order tracking at Empire can be answered in minutes, before it could have taken days. “The ability to see the movement of parts through the entire process from order to delivery has been a tremendous help as we continue to strive for world-class customer service,” commented Empire’s Customer Service Manager Aaron Woods, a member of the install team and the Parts Department’s lead on this implementation.

Source: Tecsys