Easing Mobility in Warehouse Management

A new mobile warehouse product that integrates to QuickBooks helps workers with inventory tracking, picking, and part retrieval.

USA (April 03, 2010) –

One of the first areas to which manufacturers have applied mobility concepts has been the warehouse, an area ripe for costs savings and efficiency improvements through better management of operations, including

In an effort to make mobile warehouse management less expensive and easier to do, an Orem, UT-based company with the unlikely name of Fishbowl has re-architected a software product for this task that works with the widely used QuickBooks financial application from Intuit.

The product, called Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse, works on mobile devices and scanners using Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6, and has a one-time charge of $1,595. The software integrates with Fishbowl Inventory 2010, the company’s flagship product, and with QuickBooks.

Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse, Fishbowl says, has three key features. A receiving function enables inventory to be logged into the system in real time. A picking function allows for the combination of multiple orders and for picking them simultaneously. And a part retrieval function lets a user look up part descriptions, UPCs, and real-time part tracking information. In a briefing, Fishbowl Chief Marketing Officer Kirk Tanner said the new version of the mobile warehouse product is easier to set up than the previous version and is faster and more efficient. “There is a huge market opportunity for more automation on the factory floor,” he added.

ARC Advisory Group, a market research firm that follows the warehouse management market, estimates that the overall market was just under $1.2 billion in size in 2008. ARC expects modest growth in this market over
the next five years.

Fishbowl was founded in 2001 and developed an inventory control program for medical equipment manufacturers. In 2002, using Intuit’s software development kit for QuickBooks, Fishbowl developed an inventory control product that integrates with that financial application.

Today, Fishbowl says it is Intuit’s largest development partner.

Source: Fishbowl