CDC Software Streamlines Regulated Supply Chain Operations with New Release of its Web-Based Supply Chain Execution Suite

CDC Software Also Launches Supplier Collaboration 2.2 To Help Streamline the Order Fulfillment Process by Connecting Customers and Suppliers on the Internet

SHANGHAI, ATLANTA (December 09, 2009) –

CDC Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CDCS), a global provider of enterprise software applications and services, today announced the general availability of CDC Supply Chain cSuite 10.3, a new version of its web-based Supply Chain Execution (SCE) suite that supports complex and high-volume operations for end-to-end control of supply chain execution.

In addition, CDC Software has recently introduced Supplier Collaboration 2.2, an updated web-based tool for supplier collaboration. The self-serve functionality of Supplier Collaboration enables the supplier to confirm orders and shipments online without expensive EDI connections and eliminates the need for paper-based communications. The product enables real-time data access from the order management back-end which ensures that both parties have the same view of information and business rules, thereby minimizing the time for resolving disputes and improving worker productivity. With this supplier-facing portal application, users now can better leverage the supplier’s shipment information, including detailed packaging information, to optimize their operations in the receiving warehouses since anticipated deliveries and associated resource needs are known in advance. Supplier Collaboration integrates with CDC Supply Chain, as well as other back-end systems through standard integration technology, such as web services.

CDC Supply Chain version 10.3 expands CDC Software’s powerful functionality for integrated supply chain execution in regulated supply chains such as aviation spare parts, hi-tech component distribution and health care products. cSuite 10.3 includes integrated and optional products for real-time warehouse production and extended warehouse management with modules for workforce, yard and supplier management, along with dynamic transportation management features to build, route, rate and fulfill domestic and international shipments.

The new product offers new and enhanced functionality in areas that include supplier conformance management, product lot and date traceability and control, integrated transportation management with dynamic routing, rating and international shipping, labor scheduling and activity tracking.

CDC Supply Chain version 10.3 specifically includes the following new benefits:

* Supports extended product number and attribute sets to increase process control and visibility in warehouse operations.
* Integrates warehouse wave planning with dynamic load building and route planning to reduce overall supply chain costs.
* Supports capturing of events and activities both for supplier evaluation and workforce management purposes.
* Extends the comprehensive functional footprint and streamlines operating procedures for enhanced productivity.
* Provides more flexible configuration capabilities and increased processing performance.

“With cSuite 10.3 and its enhanced rules and event-driven applications, we can provide truly unique and dynamic interaction between warehouse wave planning, route planning and dynamic load building,” said Alan MacLamroc, chief product and technology officer at CDC Software. “This new version extends the comprehensive functional footprint of our supply chain execution suite to further streamline a customer’s operating procedures for increased productivity and reduced supply chain costs.”

“Additionally, the latest release of Supplier Collaboration helps users work together with distant suppliers despite differences in time zones and varying types of technology being used. Supplier Collaboration streamlines supply chain operations by helping to reduce costs in areas like goods receiving due to a higher ASN rate, error tracking from less manual data entry, procurement from better supplier automation and collaboration around inventory and administration through managing multiple sites in a single system.”
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