Accellos, Inc. Announces Availability of Collect- First Component of Accellos One Warehouse

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (November 09, 2007) – Accellos, Inc., a global provider of logistics, warehouse, 3PL, transportation and mobile fleet management solutions, today announced the availability of Accellos One Warehouse- Collect, a streamlined entry-level solution targeted toward warehouse operators migrating away from paper-based processes and towards automated data collection and warehouse management using web-based technology.

The Accellos One Warehouse suite is comprised of 5 products: Collect, Fulfill, Automate, Integrate and Extend. “Collect, the first component of Accellos One Warehouse, enables any warehouse to transition painlessly from paper to automated processes,” says Ross Elliott, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “The carefully configured toolset that makes up Collect presents clients with unlimited opportunities for expanding performance and functionality. Users will quickly realize significant benefits in purchase price, total cost of ownership, and ease of implementation.”

Source: Accellos