Accellos Announces Accellos One Schedule

Accellos Announces Accellos One Schedule

Colorado Springs, CO (August 18, 2009) –

Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced Accellos One Schedule, its new system for scheduling key resources like dock doors, fleet assets, drivers and yard locations.

Accellos One Schedule allows the user to maximize utilization of their key assets, provides enterprise wide visibility as to the status and availability of such assets and minimizes the potential of penalties from third parties for delays caused by poor scheduling.

“In this economy it is more critical than ever to tightly control the utilization of key corporate assets. Our customers asked us for a solution that was fully integrated with the rest of their business systems and that could be implemented quickly and cost effectively,” said Joel Kremke, Accellos’ COO. “Accellos One Schedule will generate an early ROI for any company looking to more effectively manage the processes surrounding shipping and receiving goods.”

Accellos One Schedule has been developed utilizing the recently announced Accellos One Workspace composite application framework.

“By utilizing the Workspace framework, we’ve been able to develop and deliver A1 Schedule in a modular fashion. The first release will manage the schedules for a company’s inbound and outbound dock doors,” said Ross Elliott, Accellos’ CTO. “Subsequent releases will broaden the product to include scheduling their fleet of trucks along with the associated drivers and the ability to schedule and assign staging locations for inbound and outbound tractors/trailers in the yard.”

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