New RedPrairie Warehouse Management Release Enhances Distribution

Productivity solutions provider, RedPrairie Corporation, has announced new productivity enhancements that have been added to its Warehouse Management solution. These enhancements are designed to provide retailers with broader range of functionality for the distribution of incoming inventory to stores.

With the release of the RedPrairie 2010.2 Warehouse Management platform, customers will be able to operate more effectively as they leverage a wider range of configurable rules to apportion expected inventory to current store locations.

Scott Zickert, RedPrairie Product Manager of Distribution Products shared in a statement that the majority of distribution managers have had to deal with software system rules that do not always fit within their environments. This meant that sometimes required inventory disbursements were conducted to store locations that were considered to be less than optimal.

With the new enhancements to the RedPrairie Warehouse Management solution, distribution managers will enjoy a greater degree of flexibility when establishing rules for what merchandise will actually end up at specific stores. Managers can now determine the rules that will ensure each store in the network will receive what they need, when they need it.

Managers can also leverage this new platform to mandate that product is apportioned based on the percent remaining of a particular store’s total ordered quantity. This allows managers to have more control over what is distributed to stores based on need and customer demand.

Zickert also highlighted that with this updated platform, RedPrairie now supports new functionality for users on the floor. Distributions to store grid locations can be determined using RF and voice technology. This new capability helps to improve pick and put-to-store performance, as well as accuracy, to extend the value of the solution.

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