MAVES Releases Visible Logistics 3PL Warehouse Management System

MAVES International Software, otherwise known as MAVES, has announced the formal release of the Visible Logistics solution, targeted to third party warehouse operators. This latest warehouse management solution is designed to incorporate MAVES integrated warehouse, transportation and financial systems.

The provider of software solution for third party logistics operators sought to deliver a solution that could leverage the latest web offerings to deliver a browser-based user experience based on real-time business intelligence. Every user would have access to this type of information, regardless of their role in the 3PL warehouse.

Owners, managers and customer service representatives can leverage the Visible Logistics solution to gain an eagle’s eye view of the operation in order to rapidly assemble highly focused, real-time information that can then be distributed to clients.

Visible Logistics offers a HighView feature that is designed to replace the organization’s reliance on static reports, which are typically built with outdated information. HighView instead relies on real-time business intelligence. As a result, users at all levels of the operation can use that information to create, manage and share the different HighViews to support their specific role.

Aaron Laird, MAVES’ President, shared in a company release that the distribution of tailored business intelligence up and down the chain of operation is a significant improvement over the standard creation of reports.

Operators already using Visible Logistics for their warehouse management system are reporting significant improvements in their overall efficiency, and in the speed in which they can provide customers with requested information.

MAVES plans to continue to work on advancements for its Visible Logistics warehouse management system to extend benefits out to all users.

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