Inventory Accuracy Improved with Warehouse Management Solutions

Warehouse Management Systems know they must deliver efficient material distribution operations systems and must do so through unparallel personnel, inventory and management of equipment.

Few warehouses experience the 99.9 percent inventory accuracy that Warehouse Management Systems strives for with up to 35 percent productivity improvement from an automation environment.

Mark Stevenson is the Vice President for Egemin Automation, Inc., a global provider of Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems, Material Handling and Automation solutions. Stevenson has twenty years of experience working with some of the world’s largest corporations on design and implementation of automatic guided vehicle systems and he holds a patent as co-inventor of ATL technology.

Stevenson is recognized as one of the foremost authorities and subject matter experts on application and design of automated trailer loading systems and warehousing automation of automatic guided vehicles. He says Warehouse Management Systems must be specifically designed to work with all forms of automation, as well as forklift truck fleets.

Some key factors to focus on improving inventory accuracy are Core Inventory Management, Order Management and Automatic Storage Applications with AGV’s. Core Inventory Management is an inventory management module that stores product according to the carrier and compartment number, product attributes, storage zone, etc. Orders need to be automatically reallocated to other carriers in cases of unexpected product shortages.

Order Management is a warehouse order management module that must assign orders to resources based on their priority, due-out time and order reception time. The WMS solution must also support order-picking concepts.

Examples of Automatic Storage Applications with AGV’s include block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs, pallet storage in warehouse racks, vertical storage of reels and horizontal storage of reels in cradles.

Stevenson suggests Warehouse Control Systems integrate all automated equipment in the warehouse into one well-oiled, efficient transport system in order to operate most effectively.

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