GNC Deploys RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management Solutions

RedPrairie Corporation has announced that General Nutrition Centers, or GNC, a retailer of nutritional products, has installed RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Workforce Management system. GNC has also deployed Web Visibility, Scorecard and Event Management solutions in distribution centers in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Andersen, South Carolina.

RedPrairie is a company focused on designing productivity solutions to help keep products moving, employees work more efficiently and reduce transportation costs. The company’s objective is to be the leading provider of productivity solutions that allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to synchronize and optimize the management of workforce, inventory and transportation throughout the supply chain and in retail stores.

RedPrairie is also a leading global WMS provider with the ability to serve all of GNC’s needs. RedPrairie takes the position that internal values guide the decisions made, which means the company constantly improves its products, services and value.

GNC Senior vice president of distribution and transportation, Lee Karayusuf shared in a statement that they were looking to partner with a company that could provide their distribution centers with leading technology that was easy to use and maintain. Karayusuf also stated that all GNC’s warehouses are very fast-paced and all the orders need to be loaded in the system, planned, allocated and ready for pickup in less than 90 minutes.

GNC offers user compensation based on how productive their picking is to meet the pace necessary to get orders out the door each day. The RedPrairie solution was selected to support their productivity and enhance efficiency across multiple channels of business. With RedPrairie’s project team training, GNC users were able to take total and complete control of the system after only three days.

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