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Inventory Accuracy Captured with Egemin Warehouse Management Systems

A recent issue of the AccountingSoftware 411 regarded warehouse management systems as critical tools to deliver efficient and lean material distribution operation systems. There are few warehouses that actually experience 99.9 percent inventory accuracy, and as many as 35 percent can drive productivity improvements with an automated environment. Egemin is one provider set to extend such benefits to warehouses.

Egemin is a global organization and leading manufacturer of AGV’s and Warehouse Management Systems. All AGV technologies including design, software and support are developed and owned by Egemin and are being used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Mark Stevenson, vice president for Egemin shared in a statement that Warehouse Management systems must link the logistic environment and equipment available in the warehouse and consists of two main modules. Warehouse Management Systems must be specifically designed to work with all forms of automation, as well as forklift truck fleets.

Stevenson has worked with many of the world’s largest corporations, as well as holds a patent as co-inventor of ATL technology. He is considered one of the prominent authorities and experts on design and application of automated trailer loading systems and warehousing automation with automatic guided vehicles.

Automated guided vehicles are the ideal solution for the transport of end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. WMS solutions are very comprehensive and allow many add on elements that reap the benefits of AGV’s. Such elements consist of track and tracking module, statistical KPI management reporting, trailer patterning, yard management, equipment alarm management, warehouse control systems and satellite storage.

Supported storage methods must be compatible with all basic storage methods, but also support the more complex methods, as well. Stevenson noted that Warehouse Control Systems integrate all automated equipment in a warehouse into one well-oiled and efficient transport system.

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Inventory Accuracy Improved with Warehouse Management Solutions

Warehouse Management Systems know they must deliver efficient material distribution operations systems and must do so through unparallel personnel, inventory and management of equipment.

Few warehouses experience the 99.9 percent inventory accuracy that Warehouse Management Systems strives for with up to 35 percent productivity improvement from an automation environment.

Mark Stevenson is the Vice President for Egemin Automation, Inc., a global provider of Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems, Material Handling and Automation solutions. Stevenson has twenty years of experience working with some of the world’s largest corporations on design and implementation of automatic guided vehicle systems and he holds a patent as co-inventor of ATL technology.

Stevenson is recognized as one of the foremost authorities and subject matter experts on application and design of automated trailer loading systems and warehousing automation of automatic guided vehicles. He says Warehouse Management Systems must be specifically designed to work with all forms of automation, as well as forklift truck fleets.

Some key factors to focus on improving inventory accuracy are Core Inventory Management, Order Management and Automatic Storage Applications with AGV’s. Core Inventory Management is an inventory management module that stores product according to the carrier and compartment number, product attributes, storage zone, etc. Orders need to be automatically reallocated to other carriers in cases of unexpected product shortages.

Order Management is a warehouse order management module that must assign orders to resources based on their priority, due-out time and order reception time. The WMS solution must also support order-picking concepts.

Examples of Automatic Storage Applications with AGV’s include block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs, pallet storage in warehouse racks, vertical storage of reels and horizontal storage of reels in cradles.

Stevenson suggests Warehouse Control Systems integrate all automated equipment in the warehouse into one well-oiled, efficient transport system in order to operate most effectively.

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MAM Warehouse Management Solutions Selected by GROUPAUTO

MAM Software Ltd. has recently announced the GROUPAUTO UK and Ireland Ltd. have chosen to install Autopart WMS at its Distribution Center that opens in June 2011.

MAM Software Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. and they are a supplier of business and ERP supply chain management solutions to automotive parts manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

The Group provides the automotive aftermarket with a combination of business management systems, information products, and online services that together deliver benefits for all parts involved in the timely repair of a vehicle.

This new warehouse management system will help GROUPAUTO with the flow of goods throughout its Distribution Center so that it can optimize management of all the activities from goods receiving and put away to picking, packing and shipment.

GROUPAUTO UK and Ireland is a fully incorporated trading group with over 350 distributor members and 580 outlets. They are part of the European-wide GROUPAUTO International that provides a range of services from parts manufacturers, distributors and garages.

Autopart WMS is a specialized edition of MAM Software’s retail/wholesale application and will provide GROUPAUTO with comprehensive inventory management functions such as wireless data capture, location mapping, load planning and carrier integration.

After reviewing many options, GROUPAUTO chose MAM’s Autopart solution because it is a well known product that is used widely through the group’s membership. Autopart allows members to connect to the Distribution Center easily to inquire about stock and prices and to place orders.

Jim Mazza, the Managing Director of GROUPAUTO, says there were many options presented to them and they chose Autopart WMS because it was strategically the best fit for the business.

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RedPrairie Warehouse Management Set to Go Live

RedPrairie Corporation announces that Zotos International has finished its rollout of RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Parcel Management. Zotos will use its Warehouse Management solution as a key component in its distribution operations.

They will be able to track cases, pallets, and truckloads of inventory, as well as storage and replenishment across their high-volume warehouse. Additionally, the company will implement the RedPrairie Parcel to consolidate shipments and be able to better manage cost controls.

RedPrairie was chosen because it not only supports but enhances efficiency across multiple channels of business, according to V.P. of Operations for Zotos International, Anthony Perdigao.
He also says they have experienced significant growth and needed a partner who could provide their distribution operations with reliable and scalable technology.

A company’s success depends on logistics and supply chain management and Zotos’ commitment to supply chain innovation has helped them achieve tremendous growth year after year with high-volume products like Bain de Terre and JOICO.

RedPrairies’ solutions are designed to help high-volume, rapid-growth companies such as Zotos, according to Mike Mayoras, the CEO of RedPrairie. Mayoras said they are proud to support forward-thinking industry leaders like Zotos that are at the storefront of innovative and efficient business and technology practices.

RedPrairie delivers productivity solutions to help companies around the world in the three areas of workforce, inventory and transportation. RedPrairie provides these solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers, who are looking to support business strategies that increase revenue, reduce costs and create a competitive advantage.

They have over 20 global offices and solutions that are installed at more than 34,000 customer sites in over 40 countries and are committed to delivering solutions that work.

Zotos International, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido International Corporation.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Warehouse Management Delivered by Alba Spectrum

It’s a large task to select the correct Warehouse Management System to extend a corporate ERP system. Warehouse Management Systems offer a variety of diverse solutions within the general area of data capture.

While some solutions focus on manufacturing, assembly and finished goods tracking, others focus on distribution and supply chain management. There are several standalone Warehouse Management System applications available today in the market that have rich experience.

Research has shown that on average only twenty percent of features included in most warehouse management systems are implemented, however. In addition, very few systems are designed to be fully blended into Dynamics GP.

Many companies with small to midsize distribution operations are better served with less complex Warehouse Management Systems that are directly integrated to the company ERP system.

Alba360 WMS is a Warehouse Management system designed for Dynamics GP that allows users to control movement and storage of inventory items in the warehouse, process receiving, put-away, picking and shipping operations.

Direct unification with Dynamics GP allows all warehouse activity including receiving and order fulfillment and shipping operations to be available in real time within the Dynamics GP background.

Alba360 WMS uses the industry standard Wavelink mobile computing platform to provide the connection between mobile data capture units like Barcode Scanners and Dynamics GP.

The System consists of two modules which are the Wavelink Server and the Wavelink Mobile Client. The server receives data via WiFi and communicates with Dynamics GP SQL Server. The Mobile Client runs on the barcode scanner and provides data collection functions.

The WMS functions include receiving and put-away, bin transfers, picking and fulfillment, site transfers, inventory adjustments and stock counts.

Alba Spectrum Corporation is a based in Chicago and is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

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Sheetz Selects HighJump Warehouse Management System

Convenience store chain, Sheetz, has selected HighJump Software and its warehouse management system to streamline its supply chain operations. The global provider of supply chain management software will enable Sheetz stores to replenish its 370 locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

The search for a new warehouse management system was started by Sheetz as part of the company’s initiative to lower IT costs, as well as reduce business risks that were associated with their previous warehouse management system.

According to Eric Foose, Software Services Manager from Sheetz, the company’s previous system was expensive to maintain and cost-prohibitive to perform system upgrades. A failure to stay current on the most recent versions, however, introduced unnecessary risks for business operations.

The implementation of the HighJump warehouse management system has enabled Sheetz to replicate many of the company’s current best-practice business processes. The convenience store chain has also simplified the upgrade process, which helps to reduce the company’s total cost of ownership of the solution.

The HighJump system will manage Sheetz’ replenishment to all retail locations from the company’s distribution center, including product that must be stored at frozen, refrigerated and ambient temperatures. The warehouse management system will also be used to manage Sheetz’s food production facility.

Darrin Pohar, Director of Operations from Sheetz, shared that the company had a complex set of requirements to support its operation, including retail replenishment and food production.

HighJump presented a detailed proof-of-concept to demonstrate exactly how HighJump could effectively support Sheetz’s operations, easily configured to its needs and without rigid customized coding changes. This demonstration was considered proof positive that HighJump would deliver the warehouse management system value the company needed.


MAVES Releases Visible Logistics 3PL Warehouse Management System

MAVES International Software, otherwise known as MAVES, has announced the formal release of the Visible Logistics solution, targeted to third party warehouse operators. This latest warehouse management solution is designed to incorporate MAVES integrated warehouse, transportation and financial systems.

The provider of software solution for third party logistics operators sought to deliver a solution that could leverage the latest web offerings to deliver a browser-based user experience based on real-time business intelligence. Every user would have access to this type of information, regardless of their role in the 3PL warehouse.

Owners, managers and customer service representatives can leverage the Visible Logistics solution to gain an eagle’s eye view of the operation in order to rapidly assemble highly focused, real-time information that can then be distributed to clients.

Visible Logistics offers a HighView feature that is designed to replace the organization’s reliance on static reports, which are typically built with outdated information. HighView instead relies on real-time business intelligence. As a result, users at all levels of the operation can use that information to create, manage and share the different HighViews to support their specific role.

Aaron Laird, MAVES’ President, shared in a company release that the distribution of tailored business intelligence up and down the chain of operation is a significant improvement over the standard creation of reports.

Operators already using Visible Logistics for their warehouse management system are reporting significant improvements in their overall efficiency, and in the speed in which they can provide customers with requested information.

MAVES plans to continue to work on advancements for its Visible Logistics warehouse management system to extend benefits out to all users.

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AFS Technologies Adds BI to Warehouse Management Software

AFS Technologies is adding business intelligence to warehouse management with the launch of its BI for WMS. The BI for WMS includes comprehensive analytical dashboards, data grids and chart views to provide immediate feedback on the status of their operations.

AFS warehouse management software will let customers know if the warehouse operations are on time or falling behind based on critical criteria. The analytical dashboard will let customers see in real time any problems that might be happening in the warehouse. With the real time reporting, customers won’t have to run multiple reports to find any delays in the warehouse.

AFS Warehousing solution is designed to help companies save money by identifying any issues that might disrupt production sooner than other warehouse management software solutions would. The warehouse management software will show order status across multiple warehouses as well without the need to gather multiple reports.

The reports generated by AFS technologies warehouse management software can be viewed in a multitude of ways to best serve the client needs. A user of the BI for WMS can view a report as grids and charts that can be easily filtered, printed for internal distribution, or used in emails or presentations.

Many of the new AFS warehouse management software is built with a SOA architecture to ensure that the new programs are compatible with other systems or technologies.

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