What to Look for in the Best WMS Solution for Your Warehouse

If you have spent time trying to decide how to streamline your warehouse operations, you may want to consider a WMS solution. Choosing the best WMS solution for your warehouse will ensure you implement strong features that will help you manage many different aspects of your warehouse from one easy to use application.

Searching for the Best WMS Solution

When you start to look for the best WMS solution, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The flexibility of the software is first and foremost on the list of things to pay attention to–you want flexibility that can handle any amount of warehouse traffic, as well as any type of product. Because not all of the WMS solutions are the same, you will have to look into what each vendor has to offer and see if it is a good fit for your company. You need to consider the size of your warehouse, features you need, and company requirements. The best WMS solution vendor delivers the best benefits for your company. The WMS solution must be functional enough to handle all of the processes you want to manage and feature rich enough to handle reports, inventory counts and more.

CDC Software is One of the Best WMS Solution Vendors

The Customer-Driven Company, or CDC Software, has been a provider of WMS solutions for years. The key features of their WMS solution include accuracy checks, reporting, picking, shipping, warehouse mobility, and the automatic identification of goods. Another one of the great features that CDC Software has to offer is their labor management module. This labor management feature will help you to manage your employees and help them to forecast their work orders so they may plan sufficiently. Because this best WMS solution will allow you to forecast orders, it will also allow you to schedule deliveries to your warehouse so that there are no decreases in shipments because of unavailable products. Their warehouse automation feature assigns tasks and gives instructions in real time through a voice recognition and wireless system, enabling a more hands-free picking procedure for more accurate order fulfillments. Reducing delays in shipments will also come with this wireless feature because employees can hear any changes in orders immediately rather than waiting until the order is already picked and packaged.

Infor was Named Among the Best WMS Solution Vendors

Infor is another feature rich solution that companies have chosen to use because of its easy integration and ease of use. Infor has been named among the best WMS solution vendors because of their high levels of service and support as well as their shipping, picking, allocation and replenishment features. Their inventory management feature allows you to take control of your inventory and know exact counts to eliminate the need for physical inventory counting. The work and task management capabilities allow you to group together orders of the same type of product so that employees can work in one area of the warehouse for greater efficiency. Depending on what types of products are in your warehouse, you may want to take advantage of their slotting and optimization feature, which organizes the warehouse based on the product itself. Finally, the billing and invoicing capabilities that come with this best WMS solution will help you to track who has paid and who should be billed.

Manhattan Associates Also Highlighted as a Best WMS Solution

Manhattan Associates was named among the best WMS solution vendors for their ability to take control of your inventory, space, and time so that these areas can all be increased in value. Their organization and optimization strategies help you to create a warehouse that will run smoothly and efficiently. Among these benefits and features, you will also be able to consolidate your orders so that you can reduce the amount of shipping and labor costs you incur. This means better work order planning for your employees so that they can fill multiple orders of the same type at the same time. Manhattan Associates also offers voice-enabled features for the picking and packaging of orders for a virtually hands-free environment.

No matter which of the best WMS solution vendors you choose, you will be implementing a solution that effectively assists you in managing your warehouse. All three of the best WMS solution vendors have excellent features and benefits to offer their users. Deciding which features will benefit your company the most will help you to decide which vendor is the best vendor for your warehouse.

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