What is the Best Warehouse Inventory Solution?

The Best Warehouse Inventory Sometimes Comes with a Partner

Does your business encompass warehousing and delivery services? If so, then you might be interested to know how other companies like your own are meeting the competitive challenges of holding down overhead expenditures while optimizing customer satisfaction. Recently, Levin Furniture decided to close the loop in their business software solutions by purchasing Fleet Management from RedPrairie.

Two years’ prior, Levin had implemented the RedPrairie WMS solution. Because of their positive business history and RedPrairie’s unmatched product, the management partnership continues.

But, what exactly can you expect from the best warehouse inventory solution and fleet management solutions?

Speeding up Tasks While Reducing Errors with the Best Warehouse Inventory Software

Warehouse inventory management from RedPrairie gives you visibility before the product arrives from your suppliers, to its life in your warehouse, through to accurate, on-time receipt by your customer. There is more going on in your warehouse/distribution center than simply packing and shipping. You can’t afford to make mistakes. Vocollect is an automated voice interface that helps warehouse employees perform more accurately with less time spent pushing buttons and reading. Warehouse inventory management should help you to streamline both your inbound and outbound processes while enabling you to keep adequate but minimal supplies. When your solution accomplishes these key functions, many companies claim returns on investment (ROI) in one year or less.

The Best Warehouse Inventory Management Allows for Packing and Tracking for Highest Efficiency

Pairing fleet management with your warehouse inventory management broadens your scope for making your business run smoothly and efficiently. Fleet management addresses product loading for maximum capacity utilization along with pre-planned stops for the most efficient use of time, fuel, and manpower.

What happens when you inevitably meet some sort of transportation/delivery problem en route? Fleet management operates with either in-vehicle monitoring devices or GPS monitoring so that dispatchers can quickly adjust the route to accommodate last minute obstacles to your on-time delivery. Using your delivery vehicle space to its greatest capacity along with the best-planned route can mean that you need fewer vehicles on the road. In addition to reducing the necessary size of your fleet, it could also bring down the size of your fuel bill! In the case of Levin Furniture, their use of demountable boxes was a planning issue whose solution was found in the RedPrairie management package.

Why RedPrairie Inventory Management Software?

RedPrairie brings 35 years of experience to its clients. RedPrairie offers best-of-breed supply chain management, workforce management and all channel retail solutions. The company currently takes care of 60,000 customers in over 50 countries around the globe. RedPrairie offers their solutions to customers in formats that best fit their business environment. All solutions are built on Service Oriented Archictecture (SOA), which means they are flexible enough to stay current with new demands. Companies may purchase management solutions on hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or licensed deliveries. Whichever mode you choose, behind it all is 24/7/365 support that will be there for you when you need it. Your customers want accurate, on-time delivery and you need to efficiently manage your warehouse inventory and delivery systems. Why not take a doubled-up approach to a double-sided problem?

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