Ware House Management: Do You Know What It Can Do For You?

Think of ware house management like the ultimate task manager:  know instantly where your products are, where they’re headed, and at which step in the process your team is working on. Or, think of ware house management as the ultimate logistics director – your system can tell you where the gaps are in time or product that are costing you money, and even help you find solutions to fill them.

Ware House Management Offers Diverse Functions

Today’s ware house management discipline includes a variety of functions, from sales and marketing to customer service and of course, inventory logistics. What used to be paper-based – and still may be for your production centers – has become fully automated. Some of the features can be quite intriguing, such as the ability to set up your ware house management technology to tell a team member what to do next, where that activity falls on the list of priorities, and how that task fits into the workflow.

Use A Little, Or A Lot, Depending On Your Needs

If you are concerned that ware house management can get too complicated, take heart – ware house management, as a strategy, may mean that you just focus on your shipping and receiving, or perhaps you look at the speed at which data is entered into your barcode inventory system.

One great feature about ware house management is that you can choose a software solution that is highly customizable. You can build into your ware house management strategy the ability to digitally track inventory from a wireless connection, the ability to track packages with RFID, and even product picking tools that are activated by your voice. Many Ware House Management software systems can be delivered on-demand, by license or by remote – and come with attentive and helpful customer service.

Ware House Management Handles the Basics, With Precision

Whether you go complex or simple, ware house management should be able to address some of your basic business functions:  receiving, shelving, picking, the packing process and your shipping needs. Got a product that’s particularly popular right now? Set up your ware house management strategy to tell you to get that item put away and processed first, right when it’s received, so you won’t miss an opportunity because you’re out of stock.

You can also save your staff valuable steps, and your business valuable time, by establishing your ware house management strategy to tell your pickers exactly where all the products are shelved, and what’s the fastest route to get there in the warehouse.  Many picking features can be sent electronically to a handheld mobile device, further improving your levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Costs for packing and shipping can add up, so set up your ware house management system so that it can tell you the best-fit for carton size. Once the carton has gone out, you should also be able to easily and quickly know where the order is and when it arrived.