RedPrairie WMS Software Provides Best of WMS Software, So You Get Best of Visibility and Tracking

Your supply chain can be quite a journey – from the sale, to placing the order in inventory, to shipping and picking, all the way to the customer’s hands.  Every step of the process can controlled through WMS software (warehouse management systems software). A good example to explore is the tools offered by the RedPrairie Software Corporation’s modules for WMS software.

WMS Software:  Not What It Used To Be

Actually, WMS software, as an industry tool for product movement, inventory visibility, order tracking and ultimately customer satisfaction, has come a long way. It started as a way for managers to know what inventory and materials were in their warehouses. But now the capabilities of WMS software are applied to transportation logistics, accounting systems and various types of manufacturing – both big and small.

If you’re new to WMS software, you should know that today’s WMS software options use technology innovations like barcode scanners, wireless LANS and even RFID (radio-frequency identification) to track where your products are and where they’re moving to. But WMS software doesn’t stop there – it actually automates your process from the store, to warehouse inventory, to product movement outward via shipping.

Why is RedPrairie Software a Good Example?

RedPrairie WMS tools are all about movement, efficiency and strategy. Their on-demand offerings for WMS software are impressive, and can help you sync your staff, your product inventory, logistics and the whole customer buying cycle – resulting in a happier customer, and a happier you.

In terms of visibility, you need to know how much of a product you have, where it’s located, and how much you’re going to need. This can become quite complex and time-consuming. RedPrairie software delivers visibility through on-demand solutions that you can integrate right into the IT applications you already have running. Called Enterprise Application Integration, RedPrairie WMS synchronizes your workflow without you having to purchase entirely new systems.

Customize Your WMS Software Solutions

Since several members of your team may need to track your inventory throughout the process, RedPrairie WMS uses a graphical user interface that makes screens and steps look the same across workstations. Actually, independent users on your RedPrairie WMS system can move and rearrange data fields to set up their own style of accessing real-time inventory and warehousing information.

RedPrairie’s software options — whether outsourced to their hosting centers, on-demand with SaaS, or accessed by remote access — are similar offerings to other WMS software solutions, and you can choose exactly how you want the solutions delivered according to your warehousing and inventory needs.

Maximizing Your WMS Software is About Data

Adding a WMS software tool, such as RedPrairie software, means adding a whole new level to your business-side technology, so expect some initial start-up costs. WMS software tools are database fed, and the better and more intricate the data fields you set up and fill, the better the system works to improve efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

For example, the dimensions of your product may change size from time to time – so your WMS software needs to able to know that two sizes of packaging are acceptable, in order to tell your account rep that you have that item in stock, which will enable your company to quickly meet your customers’ needs.

WMS, Layer By Layer:  Get Ready to See the Benefits

You guessed it … WMS software, including solutions from industry leaders like RedPrairie, is built layer by layer.  The returns, however, can also come in layers: you get quicker inventory updates, you make the best use of your warehousing options, you have reduced levels of missing products, and you receive a faster link to your customer.