Radio Beacon WMS: Can It Solve Your Warehouse Management Needs?

Faced with economic challenges on every side, every business is looking for ways to minimize expenses and maximize profits. Streamlining workflows, reducing overhead and offering the best possible customer service have never been more vital. Warehouse management software can help achieve all of these business critical goals.

Radio Beacon’s paperless WMS (warehouse management software) provides complete visibility for inventory moving throughout the warehouse and distribution center. The software is scalable, making it appropriate for companies of any size, and integrates seamlessly with accounting and automation equipment to provide comprehensive management of warehouse inventory.

Key Features of Radio Beacon WMS

Companies still using paper for picking and shipping processes know how much human error can affect the bottom line. Paper pick lists can get lost or be duplicated; in either situation, the company loses money. Time is lost while warehouse employees walk up and down the aisles, often needing to re-trace steps to fill the shipping order. Sometimes products can hardly be distinguished from one another with the human eye, leading to incorrectly filled orders.

Radio Beacon WMS helps increase the bottom line. The software eliminates paper and work with RF (radio frequency) hardware to track inventory through bar coding. Scanned information is immediately integrated with other ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Bar Coding Tops the List of Strong Solutions Offered by Radio Beacon WMS

Bar coding is the single greatest strength of the application. The software interfaces with handheld devices used by warehouse staff to monitor inventory into, out of, and through the warehouse. With it, accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory information is available. Mistakes from the supplier are evident right away, and, on the other end, order fulfillment for shipping becomes more accurate. In between, bar coding provides exact information about product location and supply.

A Strong Workload Management Solution Featured with Radio Beacon WMS

A second strength provided by the software comes through the provision of workload management. Order fulfillment happens more efficiently because the solution provides recommended sequences for item picking, giving warehouse employees the shortest route for filling the order. The software provides even greater workload management by picking multiple orders at one time. And all of the data entry happens on the warehouse floor in real time. These features make it possible to fill orders with greater speed and accuracy–streamlining processes and saving money.

Radio Beacon WMS: A Strong Integration Solution

Integration is yet another solution strength. Radio Beacon WMS smoothly integrates with accounting software programs like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Software and SAP: Business One. With Radio Beacon WMS, companies can interface with 3PL logistics providers and maintain up-to-the-minute tracking for their own needs and for their customers. The software acts as a module to the overall performance management systems already in place.

Customers of Radio Beacon WMS

The application has a lengthy list of satisfied clients that includes Colorbok, Gentec International, Microsoft Dynamics, the Social Security Administration and many more. Curriculum Associates is just one of those satisfied customers. This company experienced 30 percent growth over a five year period and was developing new materials (with new tracking numbers) to meet increasing demands. The warehouse management solution provided by Radio Beacon enabled the company to meet increasing order fulfillment pressure, satisfy customers and save money. The company reports that since deploying the software they are able to provide a 50 percent same day shipping rate and a greater than 80 percent next day shipping rate. Furthermore, the company estimates that it saves over $100,000 in formerly lost revenues since it no longer needs to shut down the warehouse in order to perform inventory counting.

Radio Beacon WMS has been owned by Accellos since 2006.

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