Optimize Inventory Management with FishBowl Inventory

FishBowl Inventory has all the tools to help small and medium sized companies manage their inventory and improve their manufacturing processes. FishBowl Inventory has become the most highly requested QuickBooks add-on, as well as the top selling inventory and manufacturing solution that QuickBooks has to offer. FishBowl Inventory can be used as a tool on its own or linked to other solutions on the Windows and Linux systems, as well as Macs. Quick and painless transitions are the goal of FishBowl Inventory so that you do not have to eliminate everything your company already has in place.

Great Features of FishBowl Inventory

FishBowl Inventory offers your company many innovative ways of keeping track of your business operations. Some of the things that it can assist with are product manufacturing, storage, and sales. Managing your inventory has never been easier than with the tools offered by FishBowl Inventory.

  • The ability to track your inventory across multiple locations is one way that FishBowl Inventory shines.
  • Tracking parts through the entire manufacturing process allows you to know where you stand at all times.
  • Handling different accounting methods based on customer need is another useful feature. This is especially helpful if you deal with multiple currencies.
  • Bar-coding is another major product feature of FishBowl Inventory.
  • Credit card purchases are another function that FishBowl Inventory supports, making shopping easier for your customers so that they continue to make their purchases with you.

Mobility and FishBowl Inventory

FishBowl Inventory strives to make their software products as mobile as possible. Reducing the number of accounting mistakes that occur due to the inability to track products from warehouse to warehouse is one way that FishBowl Inventory can help. The mobile services offered by FishBowl Inventory allow you to receive and move inventory using nothing but serial numbers. This is a great asset because you will always know what is in stock in each of your warehouses. This will also help you to track expiration dates and other important information about your products so that you do not end up with wasted inventory that will only cost your company money. By using a handheld device, you can easily update your inventory and make any changes necessary to your warehouse layouts that will help you to improve the efficiency of your warehouse employees. FishBowl Inventory includes all the features you need to manage your inventory better; it is up to you to take advantage of it.

FishBowl Inventory is a Great Business Partner

FishBowl Inventory is committed to providing quality products to their users. Allowing customers to be mobile in their warehouse as well as offering real time data are just two of the features that have pushed this vendor to become number one in their industry. FishBowl Inventory believes in customer satisfaction and they will do what they can to ensure that their users are getting the best service possible. FishBowl Inventory takes pride in their inventory software and you should consider their solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

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