Make Warehousing Easier with Oracle WMS

Oracle WMS has been designed to work closely with other Oracle products which have enabled them to add many wonderful features to its product. Oracle WMS will now allow the user to handle inbound and outbound shipments as well as the movement of inventory. All of this can now be done with a handheld device that works through radio frequencies. Not only has Oracle WMS been upgraded but it will also continue to be upgraded through real time. This will allow your business to stay in line with the Oracle WMS as it changes and increases the usage of their product.

Receiving Shipments with Oracle WMS

Oracle WMS has two methods of receiving shipments in their process. The first method is the standard method of receiving. With this method a shipment number will need to be entered as well as an item or lot number and quantity. The express method however requires only the shipment number to be entered. When that is complete then all item and quantity combinations that are linked with that item are automatically entered.

Directship and Oracle WMS

Directship is another function of Oracle WMS that a lot of businesses are using. This would be used when your company received a shipment that cannot be used with the express method because the person who sent the order doesn’t use Oracle WMS. The Directship function of Oracle WMS would be used if your company has a repeated order of the same product. This will help to automate your Oracle WMS methods so that not every item number or quantity would have to be entered.

Shipping and Receiving with Oracle WMS

Once your company has received an order for your product you can also send a shipping confirmation with your Oracle WMS. Everything from creating the delivery order, scheduling the trip for the order, and closing the order can also be done through the Oracle WMS. This will streamline your shipment and delivery process and leave little room for error on the part of your staff.

Streamlining Your Warehouse with Oracle WMS

The Oracle WMS has great functions and wonderful features that will streamline your warehousing process. By not having to pick the orders from the warehouse you are freeing up your employees’ time to focus on other tasks at hand. Also when an employee has to pick an order, they may find that it is time consuming for them to locate everything in your warehouse that they may need. By using the Oracle WMS however you will eliminate that process and your product will be able to go straight from the assembly line to the delivery truck.

Using a new product can always be a challenge at first. Once you have received and begin using your Oracle WMS though things will go smoothly. No updates on your part will need to be made and you can always know that your product is staying current with the changes. Since Oracle WMS does all the updating for you, all you have to do is purchase the product and enjoy the freedom it gives you.