IntelliTrack Gains Leaps and Bounds with Most Current Release

IntelliTrack is a web based inventory control solution that is now in the process of releasing a new and improved software version of their WMS solution. They have a long history of supporting small to midsized companies with their inventory control solutions. With their new upgraded software, IntelliTrack will also support more larger companies. IntelliTrack believes that this will be their biggest software release in the past 16 years since the release of the DMS Production Suite.

Who is IntelliTrack

IntelliTrack is a leader in delivering software products, from bar codes to RFID, load and WiFi information and everything in between. They focus on inventory and asset management and promote applications that assist in inventory control, storehouse management and asset tracking. The software by IntelliTrack runs on mobile PC’s such as Motorola, Datalogic and Unitech. More than 20,000 copies of their software have been deployed to over 50,000 mobile PC’s and wire-free terminals all around the world. The software by IntelliTrack is known for its cost effectiveness and user friendliness.

IntelliTrack and eDMS

The new software by IntelliTrack will be labeled eDMS. It will be a web based inventory control solution that will allow you to have inventory efficiency at all times from anywhere that has internet access. Some of the great features of eDMS by IntelliTrack are the ability to function as mobile software, the ability to offer real time results, the ability to centralize information and deployment, the ability to support multiple languages and the ability to deploy as a hosted SaaS or a client set up solution. These features show how flexible the eDMS by IntelliTrack will be and how easy it will be to customize it to fit your company needs. Talk with your employees and see what areas they feel need improvement and make that your starting point. IntelliTrack will do the rest.

Why IntelliTrack

With all of the great benefits that were mentioned, it is easy to see why IntelliTrack has become such a smart choice for companies like yours. As a business owner you always have your company’s best interests in mind and IntelliTrack does too. The feature-rich, flexible, cost effective, user friendly software that IntelliTrack offers is just another step in the right direction to ensuring that your company is as efficient as it can be. No matter what industry your company serves, there is always room for making things better. IntelliTrack is dedicated to helping you make better company decisions and in a more efficient manner. Their inventory control software, as well as their other solutions, are top of the line and the company strives to make their products better.