Important Features Your Warehouse Management System Software Should Have

You need not look any further than Winans-McShane, a leading commercial and industrial supply distribution company, to see the impact a feature rich warehouse management system can have on your business. Located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Winans-McShane has been a leader in commercial and industrial supply distribution for over 100 years. With only one location, they had over 15 delivery trucks and 120 outgoing orders each day. Searching for a way to make their company more efficient, Winans-McShane discovered warehouse management system software as the answer they had been looking for. They can now run their daily cycle with ease and efficiency thanks to the features of their warehouse management system software. They also have the capabilities to track their numbers on a quarterly basis or a daily basis, whichever they choose.

Looking at How Warehouse Management System Software Can Help

For years, the paper-based way of running a business was working for companies. Now, in today’s growing business market there is no longer time to waste when it comes to warehouse management. Warehouse management system software allows you to make the most out of your employees’ time to ensure that you are doing the maximum amount of work possible each and every day. Because the old way of doing things has gone by the wayside, companies are seeing how much more they can accomplish with warehouse management system software.

How Winans-McShane Took Advantage of Their Warehouse Management System Software and the Features it Provided

In as little as three months, Winans-McShane was able to effectively implement new warehouse management system software. They started from scratch when they implemented their warehouse management system software because everything they did before was manual. In some ways this gave them a headstart by not having to integrate any other programs into their warehouse management system software. On the other hand, those three months could have been turned into two months if some computerization had already been in place.  Now excellent features in their warehouse management system include inventory management, barcode labeling, shipping and receiving, reporting, and much more, which have allowed them to streamline their processes.

Dependability and Warehouse Management System Software

According to Alan Sklar, IT Manager at Winans-McShane, their new warehouse management system software is extremely reliable and never out of service. The biggest benefit they saw from their warehouse management system software was the ability to handle  inventory more efficiently and in a more timely manner. They are now able to do their bin counts with just two employees during their downtime instead of shutting down the shipping department to take physical inventory that would last two days. Their new goal is to completely eliminate their year end inventory process and base their inventory off of the accuracy of their new warehouse management system software.  All of this was accomplished by taking advantage of the features offered by warehouse management system software.

Warehouse Management System Software Works

No matter what industry your warehouse services, warehouse management system software works. There are many great features and benefits just waiting to be had and your company can be the next one to take advantage. Knowing the needs of your company and having the dedication to find a solution to meet those needs will lead you to the right warehouse management system software.