How a Warehouse Control System can Maximize Efficiency

A warehouse control system is a software application that manages real time activities within your warehouse and distribution center. This software application is responsible for keeping things running effectively and maximizing the efficiency of your procedures. A warehouse control system can be considered the “brains” of your operation–without it you may not be working up to your full potential.

The Functions of a Warehouse Control System

The warehouse control system has many functions, but the exchange of information between systems is probably the most important. This is what allows each component of your warehouse and distribution center to work together as one. When work comes in to your warehouse, it is the job of the warehouse control system to allocate that work to the many sub-systems in real time so that every department has a complete workload. When products come into your warehouse or distribution center, the warehouse control system will assign them cartons based on the information about each product. The warehouse control system also generates data files that you can use in reports or to collect data regarding how smoothly things are moving along.

Great Benefits Come Along With a Warehouse Control System

Because the warehouse control system will be the new center for your operations, it must be flexible enough to handle a variety of processes. This means more flexibility for you in making purchasing decisions because you will be able to support new methods of shipping and receiving. Having the ability to adjust workflow is another benefit of using a warehouse control system. If you receive an unexpected shipment, it can throw everything off balance for the day. But the warehouse control system can take that new shipment and add it to the workload so that no one person is bogged down.

A Warehouse Control System Gives you the Upper Hand

All information that comes through your warehouse control system is collected in real time with real statistics. The system is usually user friendly and it can also help you create graphs and charts that can be color coded to fit the specific needs of your warehouse. There are also built in diagnostics tools that help you monitor your warehouse.

Implementing a Warehouse Control System

Most vendors will offer implementation assistance to properly set up your warehouse control system. Look for a system that will easily integrate with your current software so that the changes can be made smoothly. One company, Exacta Connect, will provide a bridge for their users that will fill the gap between the host systems and the new warehouse control system.

No matter which warehouse control system you choose, you will see major differences in accuracy, speed and profits once you have your processes streamlined. Because the warehouse control system does most of the “thinking” for you, you will have extra time to spend seeking new clients to help increase your profits.

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