AFS Technologies Adds BI to Warehouse Management Software

AFS Technologies is adding business intelligence to warehouse management with the launch of its BI for WMS. The BI for WMS includes comprehensive analytical dashboards, data grids and chart views to provide immediate feedback on the status of their operations.

AFS warehouse management software will let customers know if the warehouse operations are on time or falling behind based on critical criteria. The analytical dashboard will let customers see in real time any problems that might be happening in the warehouse. With the real time reporting, customers won’t have to run multiple reports to find any delays in the warehouse.

AFS Warehousing solution is designed to help companies save money by identifying any issues that might disrupt production sooner than other warehouse management software solutions would. The warehouse management software will show order status across multiple warehouses as well without the need to gather multiple reports.

The reports generated by AFS technologies warehouse management software can be viewed in a multitude of ways to best serve the client needs. A user of the BI for WMS can view a report as grids and charts that can be easily filtered, printed for internal distribution, or used in emails or presentations.

Many of the new AFS warehouse management software is built with a SOA architecture to ensure that the new programs are compatible with other systems or technologies.

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